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The BDA has had a major overhaul. Click "BDA Update" to read more.
We will have some downtime for RetroRoms soon... and now we're in a new country! Read more for details.
Rebuilding CHD folder. Read more for details.
It is rare that I ask for help - but this is one of those times... Click the headline to find out more...
Today, I found a few users that were gaming the system, and creating a truckload of usernames. Let me just say, you're gone.
The download section has been rebuilt from the ground up... Click the title of this news post to read more.
WARNING: Mail from our server to some Yahoo email addresses is bouncing. If you need to signup or do a password reset, you may not receive your email from the server. Contact Yahoo support to ask for assistance.
We are here for arcade related topics nothing else.
Welcome to Please come on in and make yourself at home! Click on the word "Welcome" above to read more.
I cannot believe that we have only had ONE person register for the game competition. I know getting your romsets up to date is addictive, but lets face it. Roms without gameplay is pretty dry. Please join this event... and take some screenshot / video of your gameplay / high score and upload it to this event.