Need your help to fight against youtube censorship and discrimination

Outside retroroms and the day job… I have an interest in Youtube relating to drones. This year, I started watching a someone else do live streams - as a sort of chat show. I decided I liked this idea and wanted to do something similar. I spent a fair bit of money on the hardware and software. After a few false starts, it got off the ground. I am not yet an expert in live streaming by any means… but I am having fun doing it - and learning as I go.


And then...

Recently, I was preparing for the weekly show. That involves creating an “event” that has the title of the show, and a description. Seconds after submitting this to youtube, we got an automated community strike. This strike was not a complaint by a human. It was too fast for that. It was a youtube algorithm that triggered it. 

Usually, youtube give community strikes to channels that break the guidelines. I did not breach any rules. Without any warning, youtube revoke your ability to do live streams after only ONE strike. Live streaming is the focus of what I do on my channel. Therefore, this is a death sentence for my show.


Which means

And as a result, my weekly show is off the air. I have spent thousands of dollars on software and hardware, and Youtube has taken me off the air. But that is only the beginning

  • After I submitted an appeal, but there was no acknowledgement from Youtube via email.
  • There is no evidence of my appeal in the portal.
  • I submitted feedback via the portal, but no acknowledgement or response from Youtube.
  • I called the youtube phone number, but they said they couldn't help and the only way to get help is to submit feedback online.
  • I posted to the youtube forums, but no response or acknowledgement from Youtube.
  • I tweeted multiple times, but no response or acknowledgement from Youtube.

Basically, youtube are ignoring my cry for help.


I believe that the youtube algorithm is censoring and blocking free speech, particularly for live streaming channels. I believe that the youtube response of ignoring an appeal and not providing any response is unethical. But before continuing - let me give you some evidence. When I first got this email, I started recording to make sure there was a record of what happened next.

After I made that video, I have subsequently tried other avenues to contact youtube - but all attempts have failed.


Can you help

Moving forward, I have tried everything I can to get youtube to reverse their mindless automated decision. I need your help in the following areas:

  • Social media: I need your help to share via social media about this problem. Links are provided below to posts you can share. Also, please like and comment on the youtube video link to help boost awareness.
  • Phone: The youtube support phone number is 1 855 3372 555 in the USA. Please call them and complain.
  • Forum: Post to the Youtube Forum and complain.
  • What to complain about
  • Automated censorship - Their algorithm is falsely detecting and awarding community strikes
  • Discrimination against small content creators. (Only partners are allowed to open a support ticket)
  • The appeal process is broken
  • The whole thing is unfair and unjust.
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  •  Nightvoice: 
    YouTube are jerks. I know someone who got taken down for copyright infringement--for posting his own original song!
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  •  unluckymarine61: 
    I suspect any links to retroroms and it's sub sites are blocked on YouTube, you may have been able to post them original, but YoutTube will quickly wise up to the links.

    I would advise a url like ozbydrone and not use any links to retroroms, even a sub site just with drone information on it. This site is one of the few websites properly preserving the latest MAME sets and many arcade would be almost lost to time if not for sites like this. However copyright law as it stands doesn't support sites like this. YouTube are cracking down on none advertiser friendly content at the moment, you may have got caught in that. Certainly one of the links you posted is now banned as you say.

    Only way to test would be create a new account via proxy and then tests the links one by one to see which is the banned link for streaming.
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