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vPinMame 3.2 Fix request

I'm missing 2 roms from the latest vPinMame. Does anyone have those?

Chicago Cubs Triple Play (German) [folder: triplayg - parent: triplay - size: 10kb]
missing set: Chicago Cubs Triple Play (German)
missing rom: prom1g.cpu [size: 8192] [CRC32: 5e2bf7a9] [SHA1: fdbec615b22416bb4b2e712d47c54c945d849252]

Chicago Cubs Triple Play (German Free Play) [folder: triplgfp - parent: triplay - size: 10kb]
missing set: Chicago Cubs Triple Play (German Free Play)
missing rom: prom1g_fp.cpu [size: 8192] [CRC32: 7b6e6819] [SHA1: ca2a739301a8be1ff7dd139171cd28f29d5aad59]

fix_vPinMame 3.2.dat1.1K3 downloads

Looking for the same two.

The  company Gottlieb  has new ownership and seems to be enforcing the copyrights on their rom images.

VPUniverse no longer has the any images for Chicago Cubs Triple Play.

One of you can fix me?

Missing mtl_180 and mtl_180h cry

This link is for what I have for VPinMAME 3.2!fDhWQATb!GIXeQechIjCuAuAZ_Dns9w

miekrobe you can find your missing files here

It appears you have the files I need, can you please post them.

fix_pinmame.dat1.1K5 downloads

Thanks for the fill.

Sorry but I would have posted them already if I had them.


I'm looking for those 2 Chicago Cubs Triple Play ROMS too. Those are the only 2 missing from the entire 3.2 rom set. Anyone?




Here you guys go. 

triplgfp.zip6.1K26 downloads
triplayg.zip6K25 downloads

Really weird that those 2 are shared on PD since yesterday if the enforcing of copyright is true.

Edit: I guess the enforcing is not true as they are also added in Mame 0.216.

looking for these old roms: 




<game name="PinMAME (v1.51.20050331) - goldbalc">

<description>PinMAME (v1.51.20050331) - goldbalc</description>

<rom name="go102732.u2" size="4096" crc="3d2dadb0" sha1="3f53cbd33e4e039eddd1d3dc682964206acee77a"/>

<rom name="gold10u6.bin" size="4096" crc="1bc222d7" sha1="7cd36d2b276dc2cf9efa593a1058b45657f2c2bd"/>


<game name="PinMAME (v1.53.20060622_TD) - alcapone">

<description>Al Capone (1.53.20060622)</description>

<rom name="alcapo_l.bin" size="4096" crc="362c7a07" sha1="4aea7b72db16ef9791444c56f65dcb66b91cdc20"/>


<game name="PinMAME (v1.54.20070319_TD) - seflashb">

<description>Stern Sound OS Flash Update</description>

<rom name="flashv5.bin" size="65536" crc="ad93688f"/>


Can't you start your own thread?

Your request has nothing to do with PinMame 3.2.

take me off the forum

take me off the forum

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