MAME 0.244 SL/CHD sooner requestsfirst: Mucci 01.05.2022last: Knello97 4 days agoAs usual because RR does not provide SL Use his thread for added SL/CHD stuff (from official 0.243 to the next offici...
MAME 0.244 ROMs sooner (arcade + mess)first: Mucci 01.05.2022last: Knello97 11 days agoI will update the following folder for the updates  (from official 0.243 to the next official release 0.244):
HBMAME 0.244 ROMs soonerfirst: Mucci 01.05.2022last: Mucci 01.05.2022I have created a web folder for the updates:
FBNeo sooner Mucci 02.05.2021last: Autopilot 15.05.2021Please ask here only for new stuff that have been added for the next version. Don't ask for stuff that is already in FBNeo 1....
FBNeo sooner - part 22001first: Autopilot 10 days agolast: Loggan08 an hour ago
Teknoparrot games - part 6001first: Autopilot 04.04.2022last: ViRuS-MaN 2 hours ago
PSArcade Classic+ 2.0first: gaston90 4 days agolast: rabaiah 3 days agoWhat's new in PSARCADE CLASSIC+ This project is focuse...
how can i compile mame for 86X/32BIT system?first: gaston90 7 days agolast: gaston90 4 days agoHello to all the community, I am looking for someone who can help me or guide me to compile a version of mame 0.232 with the ...
Need a few new Pinmame romsetsfirst: Robert 01.04.2022last: noone 5 days agoHi, after a few sets if they're available.   dm_lx4c ninebalc ninebald saturnfp sea...
Creeping it Reelfirst: phantomthrill 6 days agolast: phantomthrill 6 days agoI've searched and don't see the title as a previous forum post, just thought I'd give it a shot to find this Homebrew.
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