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nice try
36m ago


thx do you have dwtoozxenv2 from spec128?
2h ago
nonsense yours                   igors dcc25b27          dcc25b27 e8e38857       e8e38857
2h ago


CRC is diferent Please check
3h ago
@peterc open your eyes, samsho2pe comes always from igor, 3 posts above
4h ago


Samurai Shodown II Perfect (V. 1.2, Hack) [system: Neo Geo - folder: samsho2pe - parent: samsho2 - size: 31mb] missing rom: 063-p1pe.p1 [size: 1048576] [CRC32: dcc25b27] missing rom: 063-p2pe.sp2 [size: 1048576] [CRC32: e8e38857] missing rom: 063-p3pe.p3 [size: 131072] [CRC32: efe257ce]  
4h ago

p Devwill Too ZX v2.0 (English) (128K) (HB) spec128
5h ago
I found it now thanks to the folder name you gave me "gtfrk11ma" Thank you very much
8h ago
Unfortunately the chd file has been lost i think with the updates of the new versions of arcade64 with clrmamepro, i looked for it in the cmpro64 backup and in the download section but i did not find it
9h ago


Xevious doesn't need samples in Mame 0.255. d39jba02.chd  was in gtfrk11ma in Mame 0.254, it was added in Mame 0.248.  
10h ago