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At this point I'm back down to only one file missing, couldn't track it down and this one doesn't appear to be part of MAME or HBMAME. Knights of Valour Plus - Qun Xiong Luan Wu 2020 (Hack) [Hack] [system: PGM (Polygame Master) System BIOS [BIOS only] - folder: kovplus2020tx - parent: kovplus - size: 63mb]missing rom: kovplus2020tx_p0600.119 [size: 6291456] [CRC32: 0038bfa6]
18m ago


@ claudio here ya go :, 3 are still MIA 
7h ago


They are all in
10h ago


Thanks sting932003 Now i've a fix.... Help would be welcome.  
10h ago


  this roms  @ViRuS-MaN thanks man, much appreciated :)
12h ago
this roms
13h ago


Hi, currently missing (from today's latest DAT): - - (both are clones of - (clone of
13h ago


Were they any you needed Sting?? They are pretty old. 
14h ago
it is the same as for every other emulator: if you want to a have a complete set you also have to collect stuff that you might be  don't like ;-) ....maybe for others are those thing important/cool ;-)  .... and yes others had work to dump/add them.
16h ago


  Those are not stupid Chinese hacks but undumped revisions and/or versions of official PGM games. If you bored with them my dear friend Ashura-x, i could understand...but please respect time and work done to dump those and to add them. JacKc.  Well sure.. sorry my bad.. time to me to quit it I guess.
16h ago