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Thank you for your great reactivity ^^
11h ago
Hi AntoPISA, Thank you for your great work once again !! If I may, there is an issue with SELECT snap as well. We can't download fullset and the update always at 0.204 Thanks again ^^ Best regards.
12h ago
Link fixed, thanks.
14h ago


Thanks for your and your team's hard work. FYI, the 0.205 update link of Official Artwork at doesn't work.
15h ago
Ready the MAME 0.205 update of "MAME progetto-SNAPS", the first of 2019. • It's available!zMhDEQxJ!O1CLJXd49gF7xYyCLKR9dw a folder on that allows individually download files to update from version to version. The folder will be temporarily available until the next update. • My blog has been active again for a few days. You can find it here:
17h ago


Can still be found in the 203 mirror:
1d ago


Missing kenkous4 for x68k.  Thanks in advance.
1d ago


Did you try the DOWNLOADS link at the top of the page?
2d ago
the newest HBMame roms I have are these.!ukcnxaJS!5ADDqWT-CH2Y_2UYYSXZUcWykaP5iqUPgx9QnIIBKLE
2d ago


Hello  I have a few roms which I cant seem to find, but do think they are 203 or later   Thanks in advance hp9k360 | "HP9000/360" (rom)hp9k370 | "HP9000/370" (rom)hp9k380 | "HP9000/380" (rom)hp9k382 | "HP9000/382" (rom)
2d ago