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openMSX v0.16 - BIOS and Extensions

A new version of this terrific MSX emulator has been released, and as usual I'm missing some new system roms. Here's my missing list:

extension: ASCII_Japanese_MSX-Write
extension: ASCII_Japanese_MSX-Write_II
extension: ROM_Hunter_Mk2


Found the ASCII MSX-Writer ROMs easily, attaching.

The ROM_Hunter_Mk2.rom however doesn't appear.

Usually I got the openmsx system updates from this place:

I'm not sure if there is any file missing

Yes, that's where I took my openMSX ROMs as well. It is updated, but not entirely as you can see.

No one?


ROM_Hunter_Mk2.zip8.2K56 downloads

Thank you!

I'm missing the follow bios from the latest nightly builds:

machine: Frael_Bruc_100_1

machine: Hitachi_MB-H2

machine: Victor_HC-7


I found two.

Can you share the full set? I'm not sure mine is complete.

mb-h2_firmware.zip10.9K20 downloads


you can find the complete openmsx 0.16 (stable) bios set:

Missing the new bios added to the build version:

machine: Toshiba_HX-33

machine: Toshiba_HX-34

machine: Victor_HC-7

Nevermind, already got the latest  additions updated here:

Looking for the new bios:

machine: Mitsubishi_ML-G10
machine: Sanyo_PHC-77


Found some files but still missing the follow ones:

phc-77_disk.rom - sha1: a427b0c9a344c87b587568ecca7fee0abbe72189

ml-g10_firmware.rom - sha1: 789bb6cdb2d1ed0348f36336da11b149d74e4d9f

newbios.zip433.9K17 downloads


I'm looking for those.  They are necessary for the upcoming v0.17:

nms8250-19_basic-bios2.rom (d18694e9e7040b2851fe985cefb89766868a2fd3)

nms8250-19_msx2sub.rom (fd4bcc81a8160a1dea06036c5f79d200f948f4d6)



Just found one

nms8250-19_msx2sub.zip11.9K11 downloads


Just found one

 Cool, thanks!



nms8250-19_basic-bios2.rom (d18694e9e7040b2851fe985cefb89766868a2fd3)

to go now.

Final openMSX v17 was released.

The last ROM was found it (by me).  Attached now.

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