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higan v107 firmware

A new version of higan is finally available, but many systems now require bioses to work. Does anybody have a full set?

I'll attach a few I've found elsewhere, GB, GBC, GBA and Neo Geo Pocket Color.

Firmware.zip52.7K74 downloads

My main problem is that now many SNES games with extra chips seem to require new roms. Megaman X2 and X3, for instance, now ask me for a "" file, which I've never heard before of.

No takers yet? I can't be the only one that uses Higan!

There you go. Complete set.


Happy new year,


BIOS Higan 107.7z150.5K132 downloads

Thank you very much!

Something I've noticed, Ramon's pack seems complete, but his Game Boy Color boot rom doesn't work. Use the one I posted instead.

Uploaded bios was: "[BIOS] Nintendo Game Boy Color Boot ROM (World) (Rev 1)" from Nointro, CRC 41884E46. I don't understand why it doesn't work with Higan. Just tried with the Japanese Nointro bios CRC E8EF5318 and still doesn't work. TOSEC has only 1 BIOS and it's the same World one as Nointro. MAME GB Color bios is split in 2 files.

Your bios is only 2048 bytes where the official releases all are 2,304 bytes. Your bios is CRC 58AFC5A9 and that doesn't return anything on Google. After more search, the only other GB color BIOS in my collection I found that is not 2304 bytes is 256 bytes, has a CRC of 680A0549 and it's a fake GB color bios from the XE emulator. Then I dug the older versions of Higan and BSNES emulator and finally found it there. And it was only included from version 0.88 to version 0.91 in BNSES and from version 0.92 to 106 with Higan... 


Fixed collection included,




BIOS Higan 107 FIXED.7z150.5K101 downloads

I asked for this particular BIOS in another board, because none of which I found seemed to work. I got an answer and was told they found the correct GBC bootrom here:

I still can't see any logic in that.

Thanks a lot

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I still can't see any logic in that.

Try the one by going further from that URL to systems/Game Boy Color.sys/boot.rom ..

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