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clrmamepro - help also to "complete" my collection

This is my SCANNER result using the "Avail. Sets":


Look for example..... if i put correct files on my "Roms" folder clrmamepro every scan continue to delete this files..........


I'm completely in a loop....... you can help me to fix this issue ?

we need the crc in order to evaluate the issue.


we need the crc in order to evaluate the issue.

 apparently all this sets it's not report the CRC.......... for example pick first sets....ddr3ma.

If i select from clrmamepro it's appear that:


I can't understand what exact file i need........... i put on my roms folder. clrmamepro continue to delete this files.

Apparently the ddr3ma need to contain the "hd6473644h.18e" files. If i understand correctly this exact files not exist because infact it's reported also in other sets in same list here (i know i need the CHD files..... but this sets it's marked as NOT WORKING and for preserve some hdd space i not download chd for not working games.

I can possibly to hide this result on clrmamepro ??


Look also the Megatouch title............ i don't really understand because it's appears on that result. I put the zip on my roms folder and clrmamepro continue to delete it ever.....