Broken ROM Reports
King of Fighters 96first: goushen 07.02.2024last: goushen 08.02.2024Question is any one else having this issue with KOF96. I'm getting this fatal error when I try starting this game. I have the...


mame-0175 missing from /downloads/mame/update-packfirst: joaoluiz 07.10.2023last: Mucci 09.10.2023I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I just wanted to report that mame-0175 is missing from /downloads...
MAME 258 POP n Music 4,5,6,7,8,Animelo CHD'sfirst: ZX81v2 21.09.2023last: Mucci 23.09.2023Hi folks, just started updating Arcade after a while and I down loaded these CHD's and everyone is throwing a Checksum err0r....


Street fighter V Patreon 3.53 first: Nyh0613 22.08.2023last: ViRuS-MaN 22.08.2023Street fighter v 3.53 part 12 is missing
clrmamepro - help also to "complete" my collectionfirst: DjDiabolik 05.07.2023last: DjDiabolik 05.07.2023This is my SCANNER result using the "Avail. Sets":
HELP! 4 years without M.A.M.E the roms disappearedfirst: rash2236 17.03.2021last: Mucci 30.11.2022Hello, I have a problem with a few roms, I have the latest arcade64 and mameui64 version 229, I updated the bios and roms fro...


Taito Slapfight (Alcon) odd behaviour during play.first: BodrinBarlow 02.10.2021last: BodrinBarlow 02.10.2021Hi, Apologies if this is not in the correct forum area. Whilst playing Slapfight on MAME v0.231, the game constantly a...
I can't figure this out...first: Gothicplsur 26.08.2021last: Luzie67 29.08.2021StrongArm Risc Romset missing "sarpc". I scan all Roms with CLRMAMEPRO I'm 100% I audit all sets in MameUI and ...
Please help me with roms mame 0.232first: Anonymous 31.05.2021last: Anonymous 02.06.2021Hi everybody  I am D please help me with roms  Chds  
pc 10 super mario bros 3first: mame-addict 29.04.2021last: mame-addict 29.04.2021for some reason when i play pc10 smb3, it loads and works fine until the glitch happens.  i could play world 1 and complete 3...
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