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Ultimate Old ROMS Hunting challenge!

Hello Retroroms community!

While rebuilding a lot of old sets recently, I realized that many older ROMS are near impossible to source now. Current MAME Rollback has a lot of missing (many purged at 153) and NonMAME 142, HBMAME/HBMAME RollBack, MisFit MAME 128 and older Final Burn sets can't help me any further in my quest.

So I'm looking for NonMAME 141 and older, RollBack MAME 152 and older, Kawak 1.4x and older, MAME32 PLUS!/MORE 205 and older, any full MAME set from 0.27 to 0.35 + their samples, MMSnd 0.36B10 set, and Nugen 0.4 set. Included is all the DAT I have to hunt those ROMS. Hopefully someone have one of those sets on a old off line hard drive or a forgotten FTP server somewhere.


NOTE: Thanks to this community, I'm happy to report that all the Logiqx single/multi sets are now complete! Nice to see all those green check marks! :)


I have those old verified full sets to contribute, if anyone is interested:

MAME 0.26




FightCade 0.42

Final Burn 0.518

Arcade Extreme 2013

All the Logiqx Single/Multi sets



Specific ROMS I'm missing:


MAME 0.33 missing:

phoenix3  : phoenix3.47   2048 bytes   687116a3 NOT FOUND
phoenix3  : phoenix3.49   2048 bytes   08391997 NOT FOUND
bubblesr  : BUBBLESR.6B   4096 bytes   4617e675 NOT FOUND
bubblesr  : BUBBLESR.7B   4096 bytes   16d20c98 NOT FOUND
bubblesr  : BUBBLESR.9B   4096 bytes   c5ca8ce2 NOT FOUND


Nugen 0.4 missing:

The King of Fighters 99(fully decrypted) [system: Neo-Geo - folder: kof99nd - size: 84mb]
missing rom: 251-p1d.bin [size: 1048576] [CRC32: 4169eaaf]
missing rom: 251-p2d.bin [size: 4194304] [CRC32: 21e1f9b9]


MMSnd 0.36B10 missing:

After Burner [sound only] [folder: ab1 - size: 448kb]
wrong crc32: ab_pcm.dat [wrong: 2cd899c7] [right: d7f3957d]

Charon [sound only] [folder: charon - size: 288kb]
missing set: Charon [sound only]
missing rom: s0 [size: 131072] [CRC32: 82a24191]
missing rom: s1 [size: 131072] [CRC32: e033bccf]
missing rom: s_pro [size: 32768] [CRC32: 8aa61955]

Dump Matsumoto [sound only] [folder: dumpmtmt - size: 160kb]
wrong crc32: epr-0007.bin [wrong: a19b8ba8] [right: e923f80d]
wrong crc32: epr-0008.bin [wrong: efa9aabd] [right: 4c439750]
wrong crc32: epr-0009.bin [wrong: 7bcd85cf] [right: 285cdf9d]
wrong crc32: epr-0010.bin [wrong: 33f292e7] [right: 0563c86a]
wrong crc32: epr-0011.bin [wrong: 8fd48c47] [right: a7d6c394]

Pitfall II [sound only] [folder: pitfall - size: 8kb]
wrong crc32: 6462 [wrong: 86bb9185] [right: 2a17492d]

Racing Hero [sound only] [folder: rhero - size: 365kb]
missing rom: bank4.rom [size: 65536] [CRC32: 32939a5b]

Spiderman [sound only] [folder: spidrman - size: 2mb]
wrong crc32: mpr14282.bin [wrong: ea20979e] [right: 876721f3]

Thunder Blade (Japan) [sound only] [folder: thunderb - size: 448kb]
wrong crc32: epr11319.bin [wrong: 50d9242e] [right: 4a053070]


MAME 152 RollBack missing:

MAME (v0.105u4) - 19xxj [folder: MAME (v0.105u4) - 19xxj - size: 2mb]
missing rom: 19xjx.05a [size: 524288] [CRC32: b4389661] [SHA1: 465d0a8343acbed5d0b79365c258e0220b60d935]
missing rom: 19xjx.06a [size: 524288] [CRC32: ed35a09f] [SHA1: d3986c4ea5c782b648edce0d2d9745be695e938d]

MAME (v0.113u4) - bm3rdmix [folder: MAME (v0.113u4) - bm3rdmix - size: 3mb]
missing set: MAME (v0.113u4) - bm3rdmix
missing rom: 825jab01.6a [size: 524288] [CRC32: 934fdcb2] [SHA1: b88bada065b5464c579039c2e403c061e6eeb356]
missing rom: 825jab02.8a [size: 524288] [CRC32: 6012c488] [SHA1: df32db41942c2fe2b2aa7439900372e22ea54c3c]
missing rom: 825jab07.22d [size: 524288] [CRC32: 1a515c82] [SHA1: a0c908d449aa45cb3a90a42c97429f10873e884b]
missing rom: 825jab08.23d [size: 524288] [CRC32: 82731b07] [SHA1: c0d391fcd94c6b2225fca338c0c5db5d35e2d8bc]
missing rom: 825jab09.25d [size: 524288] [CRC32: 1407ba5d] [SHA1: e7a0d190326589f4d94e83cb7c85dd4e91f4efad]
missing rom: 825jab10.27d [size: 524288] [CRC32: 2afd0a10] [SHA1: 1b8b868ac5720bb1b376f4eb8952efb190257bda]

MAME (v0.113u4) - popn1 [folder: MAME (v0.113u4) - popn1 - size: 5mb]
missing set: MAME (v0.113u4) - popn1
missing rom: 803jaa01.6a [size: 524288] [CRC32: 469cee89] [SHA1: d7c3e25e48492bceb17825db357830b08a20f09a]
missing rom: 803jaa02.8a [size: 524288] [CRC32: 112ff5a3] [SHA1: 74d7155a1b63d411a8c3f99e511fc4c331b4c62f]
missing rom: 803jaa03.19a [size: 524288] [CRC32: d80315f6] [SHA1: 070ea8d00aeecce1e357be5a9c434ef46f57a7e9]
missing rom: 803jaa04.20a [size: 524288] [CRC32: f7b9ac82] [SHA1: 898fbe229a3fdea5988d46359d030c3ec35eaafd]
missing rom: 803jaa05.22a [size: 524288] [CRC32: 2902f6df] [SHA1: 658ccae9a67196a310bd69870c350058d2911feb]
missing rom: 803jaa06.24a [size: 524288] [CRC32: 508f326a] [SHA1: a55c17f88b5856a754f00a6e32b6f60685a88bec]
missing rom: 803jaa07.22d [size: 524288] [CRC32: b9c12071] [SHA1: 8f67965d5c8e7c9bfac528a77a9e7c8e0d8b17c8]
missing rom: 803jaa08.23d [size: 524288] [CRC32: a263f819] [SHA1: b479a215282212e9253e4085640c0638a4036e31]
missing rom: 803jaa09.25d [size: 524288] [CRC32: 204d53eb] [SHA1: 349de147246b0ed08fb7e473d63e073b71fa30c9]
missing rom: 803jaa10.27d [size: 524288] [CRC32: 535a61a3] [SHA1: b24c57601a7e3a349473af69114703133a46806d]

MAME (v0.113u4) - popnstex [folder: MAME (v0.113u4) - popnstex - size: 5mb]
missing set: MAME (v0.113u4) - popnstex
missing rom: 970jba01.6a [size: 524288] [CRC32: 8fa0c957] [SHA1: 12d1d6f15e19955c663ebdfcb16d5f6d209c0f76]
missing rom: 970jba02.8a [size: 524288] [CRC32: 7adb00a0] [SHA1: 70a86897ab6cbc3f34be51f7f078644de697e331]
missing rom: 970jba03.19a [size: 524288] [CRC32: e5d15d3c] [SHA1: bdbd3c59e3377e071b199eea6cfb2ad84d37e971]
missing rom: 970jba04.20a [size: 524288] [CRC32: 687f9beb] [SHA1: 6baac0aa2db3af9e34469b1719ccff3643fd85f7]
missing rom: 970jba05.22a [size: 524288] [CRC32: 3bedc09c] [SHA1: d0806bb54a3e620a987d61c6a5f04a2e1fc613a8]
missing rom: 970jba06.24a [size: 524288] [CRC32: 1673a771] [SHA1: 2768434f1c94543f69d40165e68d325ae5d553cd]
missing rom: 970jba07.22d [size: 524288] [CRC32: 6fd06bdb] [SHA1: 1dc621923e0871d2d5171753f5ddb97786ab12bd]
missing rom: 970jba08.23d [size: 524288] [CRC32: 28256891] [SHA1: 2069f52d596acbf355f205bb8d69cefc4cce3542]
missing rom: 970jba09.25d [size: 524288] [CRC32: 5d2bda52] [SHA1: d03c135ac04437b54e4d267ae168fe7ebb9e5b65]
missing rom: 970jba10.27d [size: 524288] [CRC32: edc4a245] [SHA1: 30bbd7bf0299a064119c535abb9be69d725aa130]

MAME (v0.128u4) - witchcda [folder: MAME (v0.128u4) - witchcda - size: 32kb]
missing set: MAME (v0.128u4) - witchcda
missing rom: w_card.256 [size: 32768] [CRC32: 104218a4] [SHA1: 191e198f5443afc80a0e1bba3ccaad4e744b15e0]

MAME (v0.128u4) - witchcdb [folder: MAME (v0.128u4) - witchcdb - size: 16kb]
missing set: MAME (v0.128u4) - witchcdb
missing rom: w_card.128 [size: 16384] [CRC32: 620ac5ca] [SHA1: 69275683780c65a83ee6dcef3bd14ac02f4929a0]

MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_10 [folder: MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_10 - size: 256kb]
missing set: MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_10
missing rom: mf021219.rom [size: 262144] [CRC32: -] [MD5: c8810d803d320d9fefa46588c8ef28c0] [SHA1: 887d456b2ba89560329457d9eaea26fb72223a38]

MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_12 [folder: MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_12 - size: 256kb]
missing set: MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_12
missing rom: mf021121.rom [size: 262144] [CRC32: -] [MD5: 727dc01459f6745caa2b19fbd4432055] [SHA1: 87a1fb81330cf4b66e17702c22fda694ebff58eb]

MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_13 [folder: MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_13 - size: 256kb]
missing set: MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_13
missing rom: mf021120.rom [size: 262144] [CRC32: -] [MD5: 6021e2bfa67abdfc0beb7f291fdc9d9c] [SHA1: eb7eb5aae00a77edcf328f460970eb180d86d058]

MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_4 [folder: MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_4 - size: 256kb]
missing set: MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_4
missing rom: mf031117.rom [size: 262144] [CRC32: -] [MD5: 531a3e63c46be33a151c06bdd9479655] [SHA1: 1d244a332af0fb6aa593a246211ff2b6d2c48a59]

MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_5 [folder: MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_5 - size: 256kb]
missing set: MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_5
missing rom: mf031026.rom [size: 262144] [CRC32: -] [MD5: a0a31829705ad78786f7c1bd36cee0cf] [SHA1: 451b390793f89188afe2b6e82fc02b474fb97a7c]

MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_7 [folder: MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_7 - size: 256kb]
missing set: MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_7
missing rom: mf030511.rom [size: 262144] [CRC32: -] [MD5: a910910ce7963a4385e31769789842f7] [SHA1: 06b3e3875f036782983e29e305f67a36f78a4f06]

MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_9 [folder: MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_9 - size: 256kb]
missing set: MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_9
missing rom: mf021227.rom [size: 262144] [CRC32: -] [MD5: 1bbdff5bd2b89a0c9c474286c55d16db] [SHA1: 58b74c41a88a781da01dba52744dc74e41deae70]

MAME (v0.36b4 TD) - raidena [folder: MAME (v0.36b4 TD) - raidena - size: 64kb]
missing set: MAME (v0.36b4 TD) - raidena
missing rom: raiden08.rom [size: 65536] [CRC32: 072a483b]

MAME (v0.36b4 TD) - sstingry [folder: MAME (v0.36b4 TD) - sstingry - size: 64kb]
missing set: MAME (v0.36b4 TD) - sstingry
missing rom: ss_02.rom [size: 16384] [CRC32: 87997597]
missing rom: ss_05.rom [size: 16384] [CRC32: a67c15aa]
missing rom: ss_07.rom [size: 16384] [CRC32: 7224f9bc]
missing rom: ss_13.rom [size: 16384] [CRC32: 83fc9e0e]

MAME (v0.37b4 TD) - defcomnd [folder: MAME (v0.37b4 TD) - defcomnd - size: 36kb]
missing rom: dfndr-a.rom [size: 4096] [CRC32: f78d62fa]
missing rom: dfndr-b.rom [size: 4096] [CRC32: e34e87fc]
missing rom: dfndr-c.rom [size: 4096] [CRC32: 2a256b93]
missing rom: dfndr-d.rom [size: 4096] [CRC32: ef2179fe]
missing rom: dfndr-e.rom [size: 4096] [CRC32: 4fa3d99c]
missing rom: dfndr-g.rom [size: 4096] [CRC32: a1b63291]
missing rom: dfndr-h.rom [size: 4096] [CRC32: 30fced3d]
missing rom: dfndr-i.rom [size: 4096] [CRC32: 5998a4cf]

MAME (v0.37b6 TD) - sfa3 [folder: MAME (v0.37b6 TD) - sfa3 - size: 4mb]
missing set: MAME (v0.37b6 TD) - sfa3
missing rom: sz3.12 [size: 4194304] [CRC32: 7d4b85dd]

MAME (v0.67 TD) - jgokushi [folder: MAME (v0.67 TD) - jgokushi - size: 4mb]
missing set: MAME (v0.67 TD) - jgokushi
missing rom: maj.s5 [size: 4194304] [CRC32: df2ac481]

MAME (v0.70u4) - suzuk8h2 [folder: MAME (v0.70u4) - suzuk8h2 - size: 512kb]
missing set: MAME (v0.70u4) - suzuk8h2
missing rom: ehs1voi1.bin [size: 524288] [CRC32: d421d6a7] [SHA1: 535a18ed97e157ef0b8b537c87216c711f8b6c21]

MAME (v0.74u1 TD) - rckmanj [folder: MAME (v0.74u1 TD) - rckmanj - size: 512kb]
missing set: MAME (v0.74u1 TD) - rckmanj
missing rom: rcm.58 [size: 524288] [CRC32: 5b39ea33]


Thanks you all VERY MUCH for your contribution,


DAT HUNTING PACK.zip36.8M34 downloads

You posted 130+ dat files but didn't include a fixdat.

I don't see any reason to collect all separate Rollback sets as the latest one + the latest Mame set has all vailable files.
I also don't see a reason to collect old Mame sets as that is what the Rollback set is for.

Hello Noone,


"You posted 130+ dat files but didn't include a fixdat."

You are right, my bad, I should also have provided FIXes. Included are all the FIX DAT I could come up with for my entire collection, as of today. I'm sure I'll find more missing eventually! ;) 


"I don't see any reason"

As far as I know, many unique ROMS have been lost or removed throughout the years, never to be seen again, Rollback included. My objective is to get as much of those lost ROMS as possible for preservation. You mentioned "the latest one + the latest Mame set has all available files", so I have great hope locating all of my missing shouldn't be a problem. Except maybe for the Daphne sets I took the opportunity of adding their fixes too. Great news! :)

Thanks again,


FIXes DAT.zip51.3K26 downloads

btw rollback is also available in BDA

Always nice to have a backup like BDA! For reference, these are the complete sets I'm curating in my collection:

NOTE: When a website is mentioned, the entire site has been mirrored locally.

Arcade ROMS:

MAME ROMS RollBack 216
MAME CHDS RollBack 216
MAME Software List 216
MAME CHDS Software List 216
HBMAME RollBack 216
MAME 0.26
MAME 0.29
MAME 0.31
MAME 0.36
MAME 0.39B16
MAME 0.78
MAME 106
MAME 139
MAME 151
Mr Stiller Exclusive ROMS Sets 214
MAME32 More! 208
MAME MisFit 128
Various Arcade 2019-11-27
EMMA 2019-11-27
Logiqx Multi Emu, all of them (including Modeler 0.93a, System 16 0.80, Nebula 2.25b, RAINE 0.90.2 and Zinc 1.10 )
Logiqx Single Emu, all of them
FinalBurn 0.518
FinalBurn Evolution 3.04
FinalBurn Alpha
Final Burn Delta
Final Burn Gamma
Final Burn Neo
FinalBurn Creamymami 2.4.0 2019-12-10
FightCade v2.0.12
GGPO 0.5.0
Arcade Extreme 2013
Caname 0.62.216
CAVEUI 1.3.3
NGAE / NGAH 1.3.3
Atoms 0.55
Dolphin Triforce 3.0
Kawak 1.65
Supermodel 3 r783

Arcade ROMS misc:

Fruit Machine 2016-09-05
Daphne ROMS 1.0 (still some missing videos)
Future Pinball 2019
PinMAMe 3.2 full, including Ghost fix led
Unit3D pinball
Visual Pinball 2019
Visual PinMAME 2019

Consoles / computers ROMS collections:

Cowering Good Sets 3.27
NonGood 2017-04-09
No Intro 2019-11-11 (full, including the big N sets)
Maybe intro English translation, latest version
Retroplay English Translation, November 2019 update
Pantheon v9.036
ROM Hack Collection, 2010-08-02
TOSEC 2019-09-09 Main branch (full, including the big N sets)
TOSEC ISO 2018, full
Unrenamed ROM and ISO 2019-11-20
BBS Scene collection 2018

Console specific collections:

N*ntendo Gamecube Redump USA 2012-06-19
N*ntendo Gamecube Redump Europe 2016-02-16
N*ntendo Gamecube Redump Japan 2017-10-29
N*ntendo 3DS 2012-05-28
N*ntendo SNES MSU1 ready pack 2019
Sony PSX Redump, USA, Europe, Japan 2016-06-17
Sony PS2 Redump USA 2013-01-25
Sony PSP Redump USA, Europe, Asia latest set
Sony PSP PSN and DLC 2011-12-25
SEGA CD TOSEC 201-07-01
SEGA CD Darkwater 2011-10-16
SEGA CD 32X TOSEC 2014-07-01
SEGA WonderMega TOSEC 2014-07-01
SEGA Saturn Darkwater 2010-07-31
SEGA Saturn Redump 2018-07-10  
SEGA Dremacast Self boot 0.08
SEGA Dremcast TOSEC 2018-03-23
Atari Jaguar TOSEC ISO 2012-07-22
Bandai Pippin Atmak TOSEC 2017-07-06
Bandai Pippin Atmak TruRip 2013-01-12
Bandai Pippin Atmak Redump 2016-08-11
Bandai Playdia Redump 2016-01-16
Bandai Playdia TOSEC 2013-10-18
Bandai Playdia TruRip 2017-04-24
Commodore CDTV TOSEC 2018-04-01
Commodore CD32 TOSEC 2018-04-01
Commodore CD32 Compilation PD V2
Fujitsu FM Town Marty TOSEC 2018-04-01
Fujitsu FM Town Marty Kobe 2016-02-25
Memorex Interactive video information TruRip 2015-05-03
Memorex Interactive video information TOSEC 2012-07-13
NEC PC-FX TOSEC 2018-04-01
NEC Turbografx ISO TOSEC 2018-04-01
Panasonic 3DO TOSEC 2018-03-23
Panasonic M2 - Only bunch of prototypes
Philips CDI TOSEC 2013-10-03
SNK Neo Geo CD TOSEC 2014-06-12
SNK Neo Geo CD TruRip 2014-05-02
SNK Neo Geo MVS set for Dingo
SNK Hyper Neo Geo TOSEC 2014-06-12
Tomy Kiss Site TOSEC 2014-07-01
Tomy Kiss Lite TruRip 2015-05-03
VM Labs Nuon TruRip 2015-05-04
VM Labs Nuon PD set 2009-07-24
Vtech V-Flash Redump 2018-02-20
Vtech V-Flash TruRip 2015-05-03
ZAPiT Games Game Wave Family Entertainment System Redump 2017-12-23
ZAPiT Games Game Wave Family Entertainment System TOSEC 2017-07-01
ZAPiT Games Game Wave Family Entertainment System TruRip 2013-11-01

Computer specific collections:

Acorn Archimedes TOSEC 2012-04-23
Apple 68k TOSEC 2012-07-06
Apple 68k TruRip 2017-05-22
Atari ST Fujiology Archive 2.1
Commodore Amiga Misc collections: Amiga Museum, Aminet, CAM, Damien's Collection, Euroscene, Gold Fish, The Comapny, "World of"  
Commodore Amiga DemoBase 3
Commodore Amiga GameBase 1.6
Commodore Amiga WHDLoad collection 2019-09-17
Commodore Amiga HDF game pack 5
Commodore Amiga ISO TOSEC 2018-04-01
Commodore Amiga The Most Extensive Collection
Commodore 64 GameBase 1.6
Commodore 64 The Ultimate Tape Archive
Commodore 64 C64 Heaven 2011-09-03
Fujitsu FM7 Kobe 2016-02-25
Microsoft DOS DOOM Damned Collection
Microsoft DOS Collection 0.8
Microsoft DOS ExoDOS Collection 4.0
Microsoft DOS HDDX IBM Floppy image 2.0
Microsoft DOS Softdisk Collection
Microsoft DOS Ultimate Collection 1.5
Microsoft DOS Total DOS Collection (TDC) 16
IBM ISO TOSEC  2015-07-13
Microsoft Windows 3.1 Win3X0 Collection
Microsoft DOS / Windows ShareWare Collections; CICA, SIMTEL, Complete Internet Archive, GOLD, Microforum, Platinum, Sapphire
NEC PC98 UG + HDDX Collections
NEC PC-6001, PC-8001, PC-8801 Kobe 2016-02-25
NEC PC-9801 Kobe 2017-11-17
Sharp X1 Kobe 2016-02-25
Sharp X68000 Kobe 2018-04-23
Sinclair Spectrum ISO TruRip 2017-05-07
Sinclair Spectrum World Of Sinclair (WOS) 2014-01-05

Game Engine collections:

Passigar 0.67
Scumm VM 2.1.0
Gruby's Adventurepack


OS collections:

Apple MAC OS 1.0 to 8
Apple OSX 10.6, 10.8, 10.9, 10.11
BeOS 3.x, 4.x and 5.0
Citrix WinFrame 1.8
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VMS 6.x, 7.x
Digital Research CPM, CPM/80, concutrent CPM/86, concurrent DOS, DOS Plus, DR-DOS, GEM, MP-M  
Google Android 4.0, 4.2
Gogole Chrome OS 2016
IBM DOS 1 to 7, PC DOs, OS/2 1, 2, 3 and 4
Linux: Debian, Fedora, Slackware, Unbuntu, multiple versions of each
Microsoft MS-DOS 1 to 8
Microsoft Windows 1 to 10, including unrelased Chicago, Nashville, Neptune and Longhorn
NeXT NeXSTEP OS 0.x to 4.x
Novell Netware 2.15 to 6
Oracle Solaris 8, 9, 10 and 11
PhysTechSoft PTS-DOS
ReactOS 0.1 to 4.10
Seattle Computer Products 86-DOS 1.0, 1.14
Tandy Deskmate and Winmate
The Software Link PC-MOS
Wendin DOS 2.11

BIOS collections:

Alternate System ROMS 2018-11-11
Various System Roms & Bioses 2012-08-23
Emu Paradise
Region free hack BIOS collection

BIOS Emulator Pack collections (all full, latest version):

Genesis Plus GX
Kega Fusion
Libtretro - RetrocArch
PCem V15

BIOS PC collections:
DELL BIOS, 6.5GB 7zip of them

Arcade Music collections:

Hoot 2008-09-05, full
Konami GX
M1 0.78a10
MMSND  0.36B10 (missing a few)
Nebula JukeBox
Qsound Emulators
System 16
MDScene Arcade VGM

General electronic Music collection:

MODLand 2019, full
The MOD Archive

Emulator collections:

Practically every emulators ever made for Windows and DOS, in every versions available, for every imaginable platforms, including:

Computers, recent
Computers, pre 1970 (Altos computer, Bull, Eniac, Honeywell, IBM, MITS, Xerox, VAX, mainframe, etc...)
Calculators (Canon, Casio, HP, Sharp, Japanese calculators, Russian calculators, Texas Instrument)
Computer on a watch
CPU emulators (ARM, MOS, Zilog, Intel, Motorola)
Electronic games, Madrigal collection
FPU emulators
Game engine (Scumm VM, Passigar, ResidualVM, REminiscence, Magnetic, Ultima serie, Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake)
Microcomputers (Casio, Grundy, Kyocera, NEC, Olivetti, Sharp, Tandy)
Microcontrollers emulators
Mobile phones (Android, Microsoft, Nokia N-Gage, Symbian)
PDA (Android, ARMx, Casio, Cybiko, GMate, Microsoft, Palm, Piece, Psion, Sharp, Symbian, Vtech, Yopy)
Sound chip (YM series and OPL)
Virtual Machines and simulators (Chip-8, Chip-16, Computer space Simulator, IBNIZ, Liko-12, Mix, Mugen, OpenTTD, Pico-8, TIC-80, Voxatron, Zombie)

Magazine and Manuals collections;

DMC 2019-09-08
PIX TOSEC 2013-05-14


Ultimate DAT Collection 2018-01-06
Logiqx DAT collection


Plus tons of miscellaneous stuff like prototypes, betas, unreleased, hacks, ad videos, manuals, wikipedia page for each platform, arcade remakes (exe, flash, SWF) original webpage for each emulator, etc... Every emulators in its latest version is installed and fully functional. DOS emulators are run inside a DOSBox VM.

What is missing in my collection:

- A bunch of older arcade ROMS, the subject of this thread
- PS2 Europe and Japan
- Xbox original, full set
- Daphne 1.0 videos, missing a few  
- Arcade on PC hardware. Got a bunch already, but far from complete.

That's it! After 22 years, I'm almost done with my 1950 to 2005 collection! :)

can someone pleas tell me were i can get the full pc98 set

Hi Ramon, I have a few for you as I'm trying to do a similar thing. I'm currently in a rebuild/update process and I'll look for some more a little later when I get a chance. I would also be interested in getting some dats off you if possible?

FIXes DAT.zip8.9M13 downloads

Hi Ramon,

attached are a few files for you.


FIXes DAT_2.zip418.2K8 downloads

Recreated a set 0.72 for Nintendo Switch

There's no rollback for 8balact

Replaced the missing file from 0.77 rollback set to see how game worked

Of course its the wrong crc but it worked.

This is just a game that didn't work with a bad rom and between 0.72 and 0.77 it was changed and no rollback rom was archived

There's no 0.72 rollback for 8ballact as it can be rebuilt from a full Mame 0.227 set.

I've been compiling source code and building mame sets starting from mame 0.1.

I could not find any  working datfile for those old mames, so it has been quite difficult to test all those old sets. I've found that even earliest versisons of clrmame (cmwin), romcenter or mamemerge depends on mame binaries starting from v0.34 with CRC32 (needs mame -listcrc). I had to use the source code to figure out rom names and name changes, as some were not at all documented.

Oh, those sets can't be built with regular rollback sets. I had to resort to really old backups, web archive of dave's classics website and some luck.

Anyway, I've just finished mame v0.33 and attached those files you are missing. They load without errors on original mame v0.33 and their CRC's match those you posted (and they are in mame source code too).

On the other hand, if you have datfiles for those pre-0.34 mame romsets, I would gladly use them to clean all the mess I've made with extra and unused files. It would be nice also to download your sets from MAME 0.26, 0.29 and 0.31. I believe mine are complete, but it worth checking out.

see ya


MAME 0.33 missing.zip8.8K2 downloads

Just in case, full mame v0.33b5 can be found here:

full mame v0.30 can be found here:



I could not find any  working datfile for those old mames...

Oh, those sets can't be built with regular rollback sets. I had to resort to really old backups, web archive of dave's classics website and some luck.

Did you try the dats at ?

The reason you can't rebuild them from the rollback set is probably because the old dats used inverted crc32 for badly dumped roms.


 Did you try the dats at ?

The reason you can't rebuild them from the rollback set is probably because the old dats used inverted crc32 for badly dumped roms.

 Yes, I did. They do not work at all, recognize like 15% of roms only, roms I know are good.Tried many clrmame versions, from older ones to newest available.


The reason you can't rebuild them from the rollback set is probably because the old dats used inverted crc32 for badly dumped roms.

 Older mame's doesn't even have crc checks. Inverted crc isn't a problem, as clrmame recognizes badly dumped and/or no good dump known.

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