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Try to Complete the retropie Mame2003-plus.dat


First thanks you,for your work of preservation for old mame Set ;)

i try to complete Mame2003-plus.dat from Retropie and i cant find 3 roms :

Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition (Asia 040202) [folder: hsf2a - size: 45mb]
-missing rom: hs2ax.03 [size: 524288] [CRC32: 5f3d7397] [SHA1: 96f327dd998105ad5dc46bc9d3b741805a840d68]
-missing rom: hs2ax.04 [size: 524288] [CRC32: 59acf108] [SHA1: e68fe233681175b29a35badab249c2b892b23af3]

The King of Fighters 2003 (Decrypted) [system: Neo-Geo - folder: kof2003d - size: 125mb]
-missing rom: 271-v1d.bin [size: 16777216] [CRC32: 2964f36e]

can someone help me with that ?


I have full set

hs2ax.04512K35 downloads
hs2ax.03512K31 downloads
271-v1d.bin16M26 downloads

thanks you so much  !
happy holidays ;)

i have the mame2003-plus.dat from retroarch and i am missing also these files, do you have them? thank you in advance

Beschreibung : Double Dragon (Japan)    Verzeichnis : ddragon
    Dateiname : boss-01.wav
    Dateiname : boss-02.wav
    Dateiname : boss-alt-01.wav
    Dateiname : boss-alt-02.wav
    Dateiname : complete-01.wav
    Dateiname : complete-02.wav
    Dateiname : credits-01.wav
    Dateiname : credits-02.wav
    Dateiname : diddy-01.wav
    Dateiname : diddy-02.wav
    Dateiname : finalboss-01.wav
    Dateiname : finalboss-02.wav
    Dateiname : stage1-01.wav
    Dateiname : stage1-02.wav
    Dateiname : stage2-01.wav
    Dateiname : stage2-02.wav
    Dateiname : stage3-01.wav
    Dateiname : stage3-02.wav
    Dateiname : stage3-alt-01.wav
    Dateiname : stage3-alt-02.wav
    Dateiname : stage4-01.wav
    Dateiname : stage4-02.wav
    Dateiname : title-01.wav
    Dateiname : title-02.wav
Beschreibung : Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Set 1)    Verzeichnis : moonwalk
    Dateiname : bad-01.wav
    Dateiname : bad-02.wav
    Dateiname : beatit-01.wav
    Dateiname : beatit-02.wav
    Dateiname : billiejean-01.wav
    Dateiname : billiejean-02.wav
    Dateiname : smoothcriminal-01.wav
    Dateiname : smoothcriminal-02.wav
    Dateiname : thriller-01.wav
    Dateiname : thriller-02.wav
    Dateiname : title-01.wav
    Dateiname : title-02.wav
Beschreibung : Mortal Kombat (rev 5.0 T-Unit 03-19-93)    Verzeichnis : mk
    Dateiname : battle-menu-01.wav
    Dateiname : battle-menu-02.wav
    Dateiname : c-select-01.wav
    Dateiname : c-select-02.wav
    Dateiname : continue-01.wav
    Dateiname : continue-02.wav
    Dateiname : courtyard-01.wav
    Dateiname : courtyard-02.wav
    Dateiname : courtyard-end-01.wav
    Dateiname : courtyard-end-02.wav
    Dateiname : courtyard-finish-him-01.wav
    Dateiname : courtyard-finish-him-02.wav
    Dateiname : endurance-switch-01.wav
    Dateiname : endurance-switch-02.wav
    Dateiname : fatality-01.wav
    Dateiname : fatality-02.wav
    Dateiname : gameover-01.wav
    Dateiname : gameover-02.wav
    Dateiname : goros-lair-01.wav
    Dateiname : goros-lair-02.wav
    Dateiname : goros-lair-end-01.wav
    Dateiname : goros-lair-end-02.wav
    Dateiname : goros-lair-finish-him-01.wav
    Dateiname : goros-lair-finish-him-02.wav
    Dateiname : palace-gates-01.wav
    Dateiname : palace-gates-02.wav
    Dateiname : palace-gates-end-01.wav
    Dateiname : palace-gates-end-02.wav
    Dateiname : palace-gates-finish-him-01.wav
    Dateiname : palace-gates-finish-him-02.wav
    Dateiname : pit-01.wav
    Dateiname : pit-02.wav
    Dateiname : pit-end-01.wav
    Dateiname : pit-end-02.wav
    Dateiname : pit-finish-him-01.wav
    Dateiname : pit-finish-him-02.wav
    Dateiname : test-your-might-01.wav
    Dateiname : test-your-might-02.wav
    Dateiname : test-your-might-end-01.wav
    Dateiname : test-your-might-end-02.wav
    Dateiname : throne-room-01.wav
    Dateiname : throne-room-02.wav
    Dateiname : throne-room-end-01.wav
    Dateiname : throne-room-end-02.wav
    Dateiname : throne-room-finish-him-01.wav
    Dateiname : throne-room-finish-him-02.wav
    Dateiname : title-01.wav
    Dateiname : title-02.wav
    Dateiname : victory-01.wav
    Dateiname : victory-02.wav
    Dateiname : warriors-shrine-01.wav
    Dateiname : warriors-shrine-02.wav
    Dateiname : warriors-shrine-end-01.wav
    Dateiname : warriors-shrine-end-02.wav
    Dateiname : warriors-shrine-finish-him-01.wav
    Dateiname : warriors-shrine-finish-him-02.wav
Beschreibung : NBA Jam (rev 3.01 04-07-93)    Verzeichnis : nbajam
    Dateiname : halftime-01.wav
    Dateiname : halftime-02.wav
    Dateiname : ingame-01.wav
    Dateiname : ingame-02.wav
    Dateiname : ingame-03.wav
    Dateiname : ingame-04.wav
    Dateiname : intermission-01.wav
    Dateiname : intermission-02.wav
    Dateiname : main-theme-01.wav
    Dateiname : main-theme-02.wav
    Dateiname : team-select-01.wav
    Dateiname : team-select-02.wav
    Dateiname : theme-end-01.wav
    Dateiname : theme-end-02.wav
Beschreibung : Out Run (set 1)    Verzeichnis : outrun
    Dateiname : intro-01.wav
    Dateiname : intro-02.wav
    Dateiname : map-01.wav
    Dateiname : map-02.wav
    Dateiname : title-cut-01.wav
    Dateiname : title-cut-02.wav
    Dateiname : track1-01.wav
    Dateiname : track1-02.wav
    Dateiname : track3-01.wav
    Dateiname : track3-02.wav
    Dateiname : track4-01.wav
    Dateiname : track4-02.wav

yes are optional sound track
wait a moment

Hi, Did you ever find a that had all of the sample files in? The one in the mega link above only has half of them. Thanks.

I'm the same, there is no way to find the missing ones, I have partial ones, the Double Dragon and the Michael Jackson.

Does anyone have them complete?


I'm the same, there is no way to find the missing ones, I have partial ones, the Double Dragon and the Michael Jackson.

Does anyone have them complete?

 Double Dragon is a mono sound game, so the samples you have are most likely correct, but here's my set just in case: the other samples are an error in the DAT.

I believe these are the highest quality samples (16bit signed mono uncompressed PCM WAV) for Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. Keep in mind that if these are used on a limited hardware device such as the Raspberry Pi, then they may need to be unzipped in the sample directory to work properly due to the processing and memory limitations of such devices.


Thanks, the Double Dragon samples are the same and if you say that the missing ones are due to a dat error, then everything would be complete. I will report the bug so they can fix it.

Those of Moonwalker are all and with double the quality, thank you very much.

Hi. I'm also looking to complete my MAME 2003 collection and wondered if anyone has the following files in their collection?:

Out Run (set 1) [folder: outrun - size: 2mb]

missing sample: intro-01

missing sample: intro-02

missing sample: map-01

missing sample: map-02

missing sample: title-cut-01

missing sample: title-cut-02

missing sample: track1-01

missing sample: track1-02

missing sample: track3-01

missing sample: track3-02

missing sample: track4-01

missing sample: track4-02


Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Plus (Beta 1) [folder: umk3p - parent: mk3 - size: 27mb]

missing rom: um312u54.bin [size: 524288] [CRC32: a46ee73c] [SHA1: 2ad13bf20b9e42729773307b55fa67e430b1cf87]

missing rom: um312u63.bin [size: 524288] [CRC32: 4f200db2] [SHA1: 25bab2c52df59056e3018d88491de1f2b1a8eed2]


Thank you in advance :)


noone thank you so so much!!! That's done the trick and I now have a completed collection :) You are a star!

Does anyone have or can point me in the direction of the following CHD's? I've tried downloading a bunch of them but clrmamepro tells me the file isn't an exact match :( This website lists the exact same chd-sha1, but there doesn't appear to a way to download them.


Area 51 [folder: area51 - size: 2mb]

missing chd: area51.chd [chd-sha1: 9ea749404c9a5d44f407cdb8803293ec0d61410d]

Area 51 - Maximum Force Duo v2.0 [folder: area51mx - size: 2mb]

missing chd: area51mx.chd [chd-sha1: 7e629045eb5baa8cd522273befffbf8520828938]

Area 51 - Maximum Force Duo (R3000) [folder: a51mxr3k - parent: area51mx - size: 2mb]

missing chd: area51mx.chd [chd-sha1: 7e629045eb5baa8cd522273befffbf8520828938]

BioFreaks (prototype) [folder: biofreak - size: 544kb]

missing chd: biofreak.chd [chd-sha1: 88b87cb651b97eac117c9342127938e30dc8c138]

NFL Blitz [folder: blitz - size: 544kb]

missing chd: blitz.chd [chd-sha1: 0f001488b3709d40cee5e278603df2bbae1116b8]

NFL Blitz 2000 [folder: blitz2k - size: 544kb]

missing chd: blitz2k.chd [chd-sha1: 153a7df368833cd5f5a52c3fe17045c5549a0c17]

NFL Blitz '99 [folder: blitz99 - size: 544kb]

missing chd: blitz99.chd [chd-sha1: 4675751875943b756c8db6997fd288938a7999bb]

beatmania (ver JA-B) [folder: bm1stmix - size: 5mb]

missing chd: 753jaa11.chd [chd-sha1: 71d200d1bd3f1f3a01f4daa78dc9abcca8b8a1fb]

beatmania 2nd MIX (ver JA-B) [folder: bm2ndmix - size: 5mb]

missing chd: 853jaa11.chd [chd-sha1: 03d6cc5aea5920163fbaba34c4f838ca605a87e3]

beatmania 2nd MIX (ver JA-A) [folder: bm2ndmxa - parent: bm2ndmix - size: 5mb]

missing chd: 853jaa11.chd [chd-sha1: 03d6cc5aea5920163fbaba34c4f838ca605a87e3]

beatmania 4th MIX (ver JA-A) [folder: bm4thmix - size: 5mb]

missing chd: 847jaa11.chd [chd-sha1: 374d5d5340d4a8818577f9ae81021651d6ee3429]

beatmania complete MIX (ver JA-B) [folder: bmcompmx - size: 5mb]

missing chd: 858jaa11.chd [chd-sha1: 86f8bb393d3db3c3f492f007a5b4eaec58dfca09]

hiphopmania complete MIX (ver UA-B) [folder: hmcompmx - parent: bmcompmx - size: 5mb]

missing chd: 858jaa11.chd [chd-sha1: 86f8bb393d3db3c3f492f007a5b4eaec58dfca09]

beatmania CORE REMIX (ver JA-A) [folder: bmcorerm - size: 5mb]

missing chd: a05jaa11.chd [chd-sha1: 1a45e99667c158517d8edcd66453cd56631b5f6a]

beatmania f. Dreams Come True (ver JA-A) [folder: bmdct - size: 5mb]

missing chd: 995jaa11.chd [chd-sha1: deed0fca533f3e56e04f9967f3f76145ca106f06]

California Speed [folder: calspeed - size: 544kb]

missing chd: calspeed.chd [chd-sha1: e6cbc8290af2df9704838a925cb43b6972b80d95]

CarnEvil [folder: carnevil - size: 544kb]

missing chd: carnevil.chd [chd-sha1: 5e6524d4b97de141c38e301a17e8af15661cb5d6]

Crypt Killer (ver. UAA) [folder: cryptklr - size: 2mb]

missing chd: 420uaa04.chd [chd-sha1: 18fe867c44982bacf0d3ff8453487cd06425a6b7]

hiphopmania complete MIX 2 (ver UA-A) [folder: hmcompm2 - size: 5mb]

missing chd: 988jaa11.chd [chd-sha1: 9ccc04973b035d20dada83842c8ee5387472870e]

Judge Dredd (Rev C) [system: Acclaim PSX - folder: jdredd - size: 768kb]

missing chd: jdreddc.chd [chd-sha1: 83ed8df25d100b1c060f4dde2f162ba31803db7d]

Judge Dredd (Rev B) [system: Acclaim PSX - folder: jdreddb - parent: jdredd - size: 768kb]

missing chd: jdreddb.chd [chd-sha1: 9b810e3a16de62cabfc8271b6606574c7034cf41]

Killer Instinct (v1.0) [folder: kinst - size: 5mb]

missing chd: kinst.chd [chd-sha1: a37a2c5e52ea936a715210d237874dd573bb002f]

Killer Instinct 2 (v2.1) [folder: kinst2 - size: 5mb]

missing chd: kinst2.chd [chd-sha1: ab0242233d2eaf9d907abe246a54e09a8a2561a5]

Mace - The Dark Age [folder: mace - size: 544kb]

missing chd: mace.chd [chd-sha1: e2cce4ff2e15267b7008422252bdf62b188cf743]

Maximum Force v1.05 [folder: maxforce - size: 2mb]

missing chd: maxforce.chd [chd-sha1: 59d77280afdb2d1f801ee81786aa7d3166ec2695]

Maximum Force v1.02 [folder: maxf_102 - parent: maxforce - size: 2mb]

missing chd: maxforce.chd [chd-sha1: 59d77280afdb2d1f801ee81786aa7d3166ec2695]

San Francisco Rush [folder: sfrush - size: 9mb]

missing chd: sfrush.chd [chd-sha1: 0e5805e255e91f08c9802a04b42056d61ba5eb41]

Vicious Circle (prototype) [folder: vcircle - size: 2mb]

missing chd: vcircle.chd [chd-sha1: f1d3e3d081d10ec42d07cd695d52b44812264983]

War Gods [folder: wargods - size: 160kb]

missing chd: wargods.chd [chd-sha1: 4b02f8f33027a0e7b2c750c10da1fe22222b3e1e]

Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey [folder: wg3dh - size: 544kb]

missing chd: wg3dh.chd [chd-sha1: c12875036487a9324734012e601d1f234d2e783e]


Thank you in advance :)


Thank you, Noone. That's one of the sites I've tried.

What's strange is that when I run my romset through clrmamepro, it says the CHD's do not a match. For example: the CHD clrmamepro says I need for Area 51 has an sha1 of 9ea749404c9a5d44f407cdb8803293ec0d61410d, whereas the file I downloaded from has an sha1 of 43C2A75EF985CBEB22119DBCAD4667875C2A86B9.

I've tried both a DAT I download and also exporting a DAT directly from MAME. Both of them state I need a file with a sha1 of 9ea749404c9a5d44f407cdb8803293ec0d61410d.

I'm getting the same issue with all of the CHD's I listed in my previous post. Am I being a noob, or is there a way to find the CHD's that match the DAT I'm using in clrmamepro?

Clrmamepro checks the internal sha-1 of the chd, you calculated the sha-1 of the file itself.

I downloaded area51.chd from that link and its internal SHA1 = 9ea749404c9a5d44f407cdb8803293ec0d61410d


chdman info -i area51.chd

chdman - MAME Compressed Hunks of Data (CHD) manager 0.235 (mame0235)
Input file:   area51.chd
File Version: 3
Logical size: 1,281,982,464 bytes
Hunk Size:    4,096 bytes
Total Hunks:  312,984
Unit Size:    512 bytes
Total Units:  2,503,872
Compression:  zlib (Deflate)
CHD size:     542,757,759 bytes
Ratio:        42.3%
SHA1:         9ea749404c9a5d44f407cdb8803293ec0d61410d
Metadata:     Tag='GDDD'  Index=0  Length=35 bytes




The file's SHA1 = 43c2a75ef985cbeb22119dbcad4667875c2a86b9


certutil -hashfile area51.chd sha1

SHA1 hash of area51.chd:



Hi Noone. Thanks again for answering my query. What's strange is that when clrmamepro checks my collection, it's saying the CHD file isn't correct because of the SHA-1 mismatch. Is there a way to get clrmamepro to check the internal SHA-1 as opposed to the external SHA-1?

If you don't mind me asking, how do you scan your collection with clrmamepro?

Hi  Noone. Please ignore my last post. I added the CHD's to my rom folder, ran another scan and everything's looking good. Thanks again for all your help :)


Does anybody succeed in getting those XXX-02 samples files for ddragon ?

That's the only missing ones to complete my set.



Awesome thank you !

I had a quick look at the files, -01 and -02 seems producing the same sound but have a different crc.

Can you tell me what is the difference between those ?

I just updated my dat file to latest from libretro mame 2003 plus, and it seems that i now miss samples as well.

Anybody having it please ?


I just updated my dat file to latest from libretro mame 2003 plus, and it seems that i now miss samples as well.

Anybody having it please ?

 For the interested, it was hard, but i did find the ost at this location

sf2 samples ---->



Hi all! I'm trying to complete my MAME 2003-Plus full romset but I'm missing a few files. If anyone has them, please share them with me.
This is what I need:

In Your Face (US, prototype) [folder: inyourfa - size: 3mb]
missing rom: prom.14m [size: 512] [CRC32: 21390e3a] [SHA1: e641be8ee6ed2ac62a027bf47ec49acb30d65ced]

Journey [folder: journey - size: 136kb]
missing sample: sepways

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Plus (Beta 2) [folder: umk3p - parent: mk3 - size: 27mb]
missing rom: umk3plus-u2.bin [size: 1048576] [CRC32: 2c7f4a1d] [SHA1: 7c0cb857be3ffa12adc58f9256631ec7b8ff5446]
missing rom: umk3plusu54.bin [size: 524288] [CRC32: 54a5359f] [SHA1: 94c90c1b21123e06cbdc66cd0b9499fc60d56642]
missing rom: umk3plusu63.bin [size: 524288] [CRC32: fb83320d] [SHA1: d0af81a24977d62fb168991022dbd083e471d8de]

NBA Jam (rev 3.01 04-07-93) [folder: nbajam - size: 10mb]
missing sample: theme-end-01
missing sample: theme-end-02

NBA Jam (rev 2.00 02-10-93) [folder: nbajamr2 - parent: nbajam - sampleparent: nbajam - size: 10mb]
missing sample: theme-end-01
missing sample: theme-end-02

Sky Army [folder: skyarmy - size: 40kb]
missing rom: a1h.bin [size: 8192] [CRC32: 46507488] [SHA1: a9a43caa6f3eab48c3fd9e2f34fe2b4aacfd4641]

Tailgunner [folder: tailg - size: 8kb]
missing sample: bounce
missing sample: hypersp
missing sample: sexplode
missing sample: shield
missing sample: slaser
missing sample: thrust1

Triple Hunt [folder: triplhnt - size: 13kb]
missing sample: bear_rac
missing sample: witch

Kyukyoku Tiger (Japan, 2 Players) [folder: ktiger2p - parent: twincobr - size: 917kb]
missing rom: b30_02_2p.8j [size: 32768] [CRC32: 321e2be6] [SHA1: 03b2c530326d1859b66829b49555d862be235643]
missing rom: b30_04_2p.8h [size: 32768] [CRC32: c3f960ff] [SHA1: cbebf576d677cc02f4d0f22dcc226e898d4832c6]

Thanks a lot!

Can anybady help me please?!

there you go but still missing some samples

ihag.zip1.4M6 downloads
journey.zip14.6M5 downloads

Thank you a lot!

sf1 (street fighter) samples 

sf1.zip46.7M6 downloads
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