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Still missing roms in mame 0.213

Hi guys, 


Following instructions I opened a new thread with some roms that are misssing in mame 0.213 (software lsit)



I will really apreciate who can help me with this; 

fix_MAME.zip1.7K3 downloads

Fix attached.

Don't you have a subfolder for each SL system? Because your fixdat has disks from msx2 and pc98 in one.

fix_MAME.dat4.5K1 downloads

nO, i have separate folders, but clrmampro maybe is doing something wrong.. I found it duplicates some , but not clear how to resolve. Ths month ws a nightmare to complete the mame colledction, becuase there is nto sites shen i can download deh SL files...

Since yersterday Içmd trying to complette messiing files na complete total SKL collection. 

Now missing only 16 roms, 13 MB.

Seems like I previously attached the dat instead of the 7z.

Attached is the fix.

fix_MAME.7z5M23 downloads

Thanks friend...


Now the scanning is 100 accurate

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