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Some SL misses

I'm missing a few SL List files, would some kind sole be able to help? Fixdats attached. I really appreciate any assistance offered cool

Miss 0.212.zip1.4K6 downloads

Both cd32 mags were added in Mame 0.211, that MEGA link is still working.

The pc98 CHDs I uploaded here.


Many thanks for that. I honestly thought I had grabbed the 2 cd32 files. But another go and all good.

For the pc98_cd, I'm still missing the hdm file "doom ii (disk p - patch file).hdm". I'm not even sure what a hdm file is?

That's inside the

I really feel stupid right now. 


Thank you so much. I have no excuse for not realizing that. Think it's time I take a good hard long look at what I am asking for.....

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