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Searching For A Specific BIOS File


My apologies if this is not the right spot for this post. I am new to emulation and these forums, so please forgive me if this is not how I should be going about finding particular files.

I am looking for a bios file, coh1002m, that includes the file 78081g503.ic655. I have tried to exercise my own due diligence in finding this particular bios, but have come up short. Now to be completely honest, I am really unsure the proper way of going about finding a particular file. My Google searches have led me to forums where people have asked about this file, and they are directed to coh1002m. Even the database shows that 78081g503.ic655 is one of three files in coh1002m. However, the only coh1002m that I have encountered contain 2 files, and neither of them are the file that I'm seeking.

I've also researched this bios and apparently coh1002m was once the tps bios up until MAME 178. So I tried looking at all the updates from that version on to see if 78081g503.ic655 is added, but I still come up with nothing. Likewise, I read that 78081g503.ic655 was also apart of the cpzn2 bios which became coh3002c on MAME 178. I have also looked into that bios file as well but the 78081g503.ic655 is not there. A forum post also indicated that as of MAME 181 78081g503.ic655 was in both bios files, coh1002m and coh3002c. However, I have not been able to locate either of those bios files that contain 78081g503.ic655.

So what would be the proper method of finding the file that I'm searching for? Likewise, is there a resource that would tell me if it simply is just not available? I don't know if I'm just blindly searching for a file that no one has.

Please remember that I am brand new to emulation, and I'm not really tech savvy, so any suggestion or information, no matter how simple or basic, would greatly help me.

Thank you all so much.

According to the DAT it's a nodump, so it doesn't exist.

    <machine name="coh1002m" sourcefile="zn.cpp" isbios="yes">
        <rom name="m534002c-61.ic353" size="524288" crc="69ffbcb4" sha1="03eb2febfab3fcde716defff291babd9392de965" region="maincpu:rom" offset="0"/>
        <rom name="mg01.ic652" size="8" crc="50dc8322" sha1="cef4011c6c06d6fce546e1db5d9fbae155eabf57" region="cat702_1" offset="0"/>
        <rom name="78081g503.ic655" size="8192" status="nodump" region="upd78081" offset="0"/> and also show that rom as nodump.

Ok, so that's what "No Dump" means. Geez, I'm dumb. Now, I'm not tech savvy so I don't really understand what a "DAT" is or any of that program-language-like bit that you wrote. So what is a "DAT"? And how would a total and complete noob learn about that, and where would you start? I get the gist of what it's saying, but I would have never thought to type or look any of that up, nor would I know where to type that into or what file to look through in order to find that section. So for future reference, if I'm looking for a file, what is the best method for doing so?

Also, while I don't know what either a "crc" and "sha1" are, I take it that if a file does not have those then that is an indication that it is unavailable or doesn't exist?

And on a side note, if I had a rom that requires the coh1002m that includes the 78081g503.ic655 file, do I just hold on to that rom with the assumption or hope that in a future update that file will surface? For example, if I had 1on1gov, which requires the coh1002m bios including 78081g503.ic655, would I just hold on to that rom or get rid of it?

Sorry for the stupid questions. I have a lot to learn about emulation, and I'm just not sure where to start. But thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate it. And thank you for providing those links to those resources.



A DAT is just a XML file.

CRC/MD5/SHA-1 are checksums - aka a unique data-print for a file.

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