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Missing some roms for Fightcade 2 (older FBA Neo)

Finally Fightcade 2 has been released, so of course I wanted to update my romset for it, but I can't find these few roms for it. Does anyone still have  those and could help me out?

make no sense to me -> just released but for "old" FBA Neo? 

Fightcade doesn't just use the latest version of FB Neo, but a customized version adapted for online gaming, wich won't change as often as regular FB Neo. Therefore the romset differs a bit from the current version.

What's the point in using it if FBNeo has a better romset ?

They seem to be using at least 4 month old code judging by the error in the dat.


I can't be sure as they haven't released their source code in 11 months.

Their Patreon-only options surely break the FBN license.

It's not Patreon only. As a Patreon you have some more options in their frontend, where you can enter game lobbies, chat, etc. The emulator is completely free to use and fully featured, though.

And they can't update their version of FBneo all the time, because all players need to have the same version with the exact same romset because of the online gaming feature (which is the point in using Fightcade). So they rather stick to a version that works as good as possible for them, which makes sense imho. It's kind of an extended service release.

I didn't say it's Patreon only; I said there were Patreon-only options.

So their code for the mslug5b romset will remain faulty for a long time.

beside the question if legal or not here is what I have found, brings your missing down but not to 0


brkrevext.zip689.6K38 downloads

Thanks! Now it's only the Martial Master Hack I'm missing.

Besides Martial Masters (V104, 102, 102, USA) - Community Patch I'm missing:

Breakers Revenge - Extra Mode [HACK] [system: Neo Geo [BIOS only] - folder: brkrevext - size: 40mb]

missing rom: 245-p1.p1 [size: 2097152] [CRC32: 603b47a4]


thx in advanced



Thanks! Now it's only the Martial Master Hack I'm missing.


marmatcp.zip1.2M37 downloads

Great work!  Thanks!

Hello everyone. I wanted to ask you something about fightcade and it is that there is someone who knows how to modify files to play roms hacks in the ggpofba emulator. specifically the game metal slug 3 on 4.

You could do that if you had the source code, but Fightcade don't want to release their recent code although it's based on FBNeo's new open source code.

It seems that Fightcade do not respect the FBNeo license conditions (refusal to release source code being a case in point), so you're probably not going to get much help with it.

There's a certain strange comedy to this thread:

"that's illegal! .. here's some roms" :)

I would care if my code got used in paid for Patreon exclusive features.

I'm looking for some files from two romsets for Fightcade again, amybe someone can help me out with those, too?

Hello again, this time I have a question. I would like to know how to compress the p2 file from 8mb to 4mb (263-p2.bin) is that when mounting it in a normal rom the sprites are not seen and therefore it is the size of the file to be replaced. the file is from a rom hack

@ Yesterplay80

game name="Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Cup Edition (Hack, Ver. 2020-12-01)"
rom name="umk3uc-u114.bin" size="1048576" crc="624b2d46"
rom name="umk3uc-u115.bin" size="1048576" crc="c71d53ba"
rom name="umk3uc-u116.bin" size="1048576" crc="28c6c310"
rom name="umk3uc-u117.bin" size="1048576" crc="a13cc937"

try here:



game name="Street Fighter Alpha 3 - A-ISM only (Hack) [Bootleg]
rom name="sz3e.03c" size="524288" crc="ca8b6871"



Thanks, Claudio! laughing

I just found the SFA3 A-ISM hack, as well:

sfa3aism.zip21.4M15 downloads

Another update, another few missing roms. This times it's some new (?) hacks of Metal Slug 2,5 and X that HBMAME doesn't support (yet).

Does anyone have these and would be so kind to load them up?

It's so annoying... they still use the version xD Why the heck they don't update their romset to be sync with fbneo (upstream)?



Yes, I would prefer it that way as well. However, I found the missing roms here:


Look up fightcade 2 json and you should find what you need. 
for any future lookers as well
(the jsons hold the links to the rom if you're not satisfied)

You mean those?


If there isn't a never version hidden somewhere, the last update of these JSON files is from february, so they are lacking links to many of the games that got supported in FC2s FBNeo and frontend since then.

I want to complete the  FcadeFBNeo v0.2.97.44-35 version of Fightcade 2.

The missing are attached. THX a lot.


The missing are attached. THX a lot.

 Here you go!

fix_tepman.zip2M10 downloads

THX a lot

04/06 Update (Fightcade v2.1.3)

FcadeFBNeo v0.2.97.44-36


 The links are dead and I'm still mission two roms from mslug4lw

Metal Slug 4 (Last Bullet Hack) [system: Neo Geo [BIOS only] - folder: mslug4lw - parent: mslug4 - size: 75mb]
missing rom: 243-pb1.bin [size: 1048576] [CRC32: ad713169]
missing rom: 243-pg2.bin [size: 8388608] [CRC32: 427eed0b]

Could you upload those two again, please?

@ Yesterplay80

Try here:





@ Yesterplay80

Try here:




 Grazie, Claudio! :D

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