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Mame 0.215 Samples trouble...

Hi everyone, I need some help..I am down to 15 missing - with clrmamepro...

-saw the nsub/s97271p thread but didnt work for me

-are the _sound _audio files the renamed samples? tried samples from here and some older version of them, but no one got accepted...

-maybe settings in clrmamepro? Am I doing something wrong here ...Please teach me...haha..serious..I would appreciate some help..Thanx in advance..

You are missing 15 of 40988 known mamefull215 sets (+ BIOS sets)

















Those have nothing to do with samples. Many of them are missing CHDs I think, some of them are roms with missing roms in them like m4_audio - which means you have some old/incomplete dumps.

In the result window you can click on the plus next to the lines and it displays more clearly what is missing. It tells you the rom/folder and what is missing there so you'll see if it is a chd that is missing or if it is a rom that is missing in the folder which means your rom isn't up to date.

Thank you for the tip..

No problem!

Also, if you run into trouble again in the future it is best to create and attach a fixdat file to your post so ppl can see more clearly what problem you have. You can right click In clearmamepro's scan result window that lists the issues and select save -> Fix-DatFile -> All listed set issues. That will create a file which you can send others or attach to your post here in which they can see what you are missing exactly. Names like fantasy_sound and such won't mean much to most but the dat will have all info it.

just create empty directory within ./samples for the missing audio parts.

this will fix it. as of my knowledge there are no new samples out yet.

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