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MVS-neogeo EMU for PSP - NJEMU v2.3.5

Hey guys,

need 3 older games for the NJEMU v2.3.5 to complete the hole set.

I tried many of the versions but didn`t find any of the missing 5 roms files.
The Zipnames are:,,

I didn`t find a DAT file for this emulator online, so i maked one of the github:

My fixDAT is attached. Please help, if you can.


And again, thanks for your support noone.
Now I have this mvs-part complete.

If there is an interest, I can upload my created clrmamepro DAT-file to complete this
Collection of your own having roms. Most of them are in HBMAME .39 and .40.
Some from KAWAKS and some from Mame.

Now I create the v2.3.5 version CPS-1 and CPS-2 DAT file to collect the right ones.

After these complete I will provide here a link to download the hole set with cachefiles.
You need at least an PSP Model 2000 or 3000 to play these. With an PSP 1000 it will
not work.

Cheers laughing

I'm interested in the dat files of this EMU or PSP. Can you upload them for me?

Here it is for MVS, the other two (cps-1 and cps-2) come soon.


i found a 2016 version . does the dat you posted good for it ? thank


NJEMU Git (2016/03/25)

i will test it soon

Yes it is the same version 2.3.5

The 7zipfile is: EmuCR-NJEMU-20160325.7z

The contents:

 Directory of N:\Tools\PSP-Tools\EmuCR-NJEMU-20160325\EmuCR-NJEMU-20160325

25.03.2016  13:07    <DIR>          .
25.03.2016  13:07    <DIR>          ..
27.05.2015  02:23         2.256.916
27.05.2015  02:23         2.132.463
27.05.2015  02:23         2.321.092
23.03.2016  19:23         2.225.351
23.03.2016  19:24         2.426.531
27.05.2015  02:23         2.343.352
27.05.2015  02:23           472.617
               7 File(s),     14.178.322 Bytes
               2 Directory(s),  6.278.803.456 Bytes free


thank you ,  i am going to try the dat you upload see every thing work.

can you make a new dat from the 2016 build? the dat you uploaded have some missing games and missing roms. zentrick, missing kof98 chinese  ect... those two that i can think of.  thank

This Dat is from the 2016 verison. - like Kof98 Cineese is in there.
The zentrick is not emulated in there.
You can see it then you extract the hole archive and look at one file name: rominfo.mvs

All the roms beginning with FILENAME are included.
Other ones I didnt find. Zentrick is not in the rominfo.mvs file. Infact so it is not emulated!

The 2016 version is an unofficial release. You can find complete source here:


Wait, Found strange thing. Some roms is missing, ok.

I checked the github version 2.3.5 with the one from emucr with Winmerge.
And you are right it is a other version and unofficial but with the same version number.

I make a new Dat file. Keep calm. Soon.


Try this one, created new but dont testet because backup process of my arcadefiles.


Hey Guys,

need your help mates.
My fixdat for the unofficial build of NJEMU MVS v2.3.5 (2016 Version) is nearly
complete. I need for 1 Game 4 files. Checked online but allways have other checksums.

My Fixdat is included. Then anybody can help me to complete this set, I will upload my
complete DAT file for the MVS version.

Now it has the description filled with game names and parents or not is also included.

With best regards

And again Noone,

thank you very much now this is also complete.
I think it will not give a newer update when this one.

2 Games are marked as non work in the original rominfo.mvs.
All other are work.

I attached here for you the final version of my DAT file for this MVS emulator.

My DAT file have now the descriptions and parent exists or not info also included.

Thank You

Hey all,

for those who are interested and have not had the time to complete it, here it is the complete Set.

PSP NJEMU MVS v2.3.5 (Complete Set Emu and Roms) - File 1
PSP NJEMU MVS v2.3.5 (Complete Set Emu and Roms) - File 2
PSP NJEMU MVS v2.3.5 (Complete Set Emu and Roms) - File 3
PSP NJEMU MVS v2.3.5 (Complete Set Emu and Roms) - File 4
PSP NJEMU MVS v2.3.5 (Complete Set Emu and Roms) - File 5

PM me for PW.
Have Fun, Cheers and Merry Christmas

Hello what is the code for extracting RAR files PSP NJEMU MVS v2.3.5 (Ensemble complet Emu et Roms) - Fichier 1 please ? 


Hello what is the code for extracting RAR files PSP NJEMU MVS v2.3.5 (Ensemble complet Emu et Roms) - Fichier 1 please ? 

1st, it is not a RAR archive. It is a 7-zip archive.
2nd, I sent you the PW via PM.


Thank you very much it's been years that I was looking for something as complete with cache unibios cheet codelaughing

no problem.

have fun

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