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MAME-NX for Nintendo Switch

Hi, i need a complete dat from this emulator: 

Please, i don't need the original mame/mameui v0.72 dat (I've already used it) because this MAME-NX v0.2.3

has several external additions (i think from mame plus from v0.78 to v0.90, 2003-2004-2005)

Obviously, the original mame/mameui dat at v0.078 it does not include the additional roms in MAME-NX v0.2.3

Is it possible to create a complete MAME-NX v2.3 dat?


MAME-NX v2.3 have 4199 games (excluding chd)

Original MAME/MAMEUI have 4074 games (excluding chd)

I believe that the extra roms added are 125

4199 - 4074 = 125

I don't know why the guy didn't included the dat file. I pass on this until they use the official MAME 226 or so source.

People need to stop using the out of date source code. A lot of roms changes/redump and source fixes isn't in the out of date source. lol

They use old source because it runs better on lower end devices.

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