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MAME 0.260 ROMs sooner (arcade + mess)

I will update the following folder for the updates  (from official 0.259 to the next official release 0.260):

Don't search/post here stuff that is already added to 0.259 or earlier!

Does anyone have these sample files?  (Cbrava, jackuse, sevilla) Thanks in advance!

fix_260.dat12.6K18 downloads

I'm missing the same plus those for toledo.

Same I forgot to mention Toledo, but it is in the fix.dat file


on mega, under CHD there are two folders named spinfev, containing different filenames of same size


Check the 0.260 CHD thread:


Here is the missing package and, if you haven't already done so, update ClrMAME before scanning.

samples.zip327.3K104 downloads

 oops my bad, wrong thread...

Check the 0.260 CHD thread:




Was wondering if someone has any idea on this, updated Arcade64 to 260 and now I am missing all these device files which I have no idea where to get them


I have attached .dat file


If someone can help that would be amazing


Cheers Jim

fix_Arcade64.dat100.5K2 downloads

Start a new thread, this thread is for the official Mame release and those roms were already in 0.259 or before.


Unofficial repack by me (from official 0.259 + update)

Thanks to Antopisa

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