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MAME 0.214 ROMs sooner (arcade + mess)

I will update the following folder for the updates  (from official 0.213 to the next official release 0.214):



Don't search/post here for stuff that is already added to 0.213 or earlier!

Note: Remember that this update folder does not contain complete sets! "Full MAME 0.213" + "update" -> rebuild -> "Full MAME 0.213rXXX"

Looking for these, Don't see them in either of the Mega Mirrors (as I'm not able to view the BDA atm)
fix_current.dat4.2K4 downloads

Everything listed here must be emulated on MAME/MESS

iQue Player (China/Taiwan) (a long side a hole romset that I found on Internet Archive for the iQue Player)

VIdeoNow (including chds)

VideoNow Xp (including chds)

VideoNow Color (including chds)

Other microcontrollers by Linus Akesson from he's official page right here (no scam or clickbait):

NES Classic Edition

SNES Classic Edition 

Sega Genesis Mini

The C64 Mini (Pal/NTSC)



eaglepc2.zip8K1 downloads


ledgmodm.zip21.7K1 downloads

Is anyone familiar with the jak_mpac rom for MAME/MESS? It has two more gamekeys that can be added that supposedly are like cartridge bin files or I could be mistaken? They have the romset name of nrxdig and the other of pacbosrx these are apart of the Namco 5 in 1 Jakks plug and play device. I pretty sure they are not listed within anywhere the downloads section and not even in the jak_mpac rom zip file at least not yet. Im looking for these two romset gamekeys, if anyone has these I really would appreciate if someone has them could please upload them to me as Iam trying to find them for quite awhile now. Huge thanks in advance!!!   

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