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MAME 0.212 SL/CHD sooner requests

As usual because RR does not provide SL

Use his thread for added SL/CHD stuff (from official 0.211 to the next official release 0.212)

Don't search/post here for stuff that is already added to 0.211 or earlier!!3RkFzKoL!rckcwbODJ1lyKesdiqaY9w

hi everybody

as i Don't have full mess softlist from 0.211 can someone help me too start good with new 0.212 ?

thanks in advance

mess fixdats.zip12.4K5 downloads

just askin about

puyo puyo (japan).prg [size: 131072] [CRC32: fcb5cb1e]


i found somewhere that thingy but Win 10 annoys me wiht messages about infected by  Trojan:Script/Oneeva.A!ml

has someone that file without a trojan

thanks in advance

Looking for these fills

@te_lanus, your files.


te_lanus files


looking for these ones on my side 



fix_vsmilem_cart.dat2.1K1 downloads
fix_vsmile_cart.dat3.1K1 downloads
Apple II cleanly cracked (one rom) missing roms : Practical Grammar (cleanly cracked) [folder: prcgramr - size: 2mb] Futjitsu FM Towns CD-ROMS (2 roms) missing rom: leading company.hdm [size: 1261568] [CRC32: c4ab1147] [SHA1: 8a3e197458a190daa505868338cac65129515d4b] missing rom: shinjuku labyrinth (master disk).mfm [size: 3583660] [CRC32: 78b7c26c] [SHA1: 778befacd1534dc22edffccaebb2957823e488e7] Thanks for your help
fix_fmtowns_cd.dat1.1K3 downloads




Could you help me, please

You are missing 8 of 184 known VTech V.Smile cartridges sets


 You are missing 5 of 41 known VTech V.Smile Motion cartridges sets


Thanks a lot

fix_vsmile_cart.dat3.1K1 downloads
fix_vsmilem_cart.dat2.1K1 downloads

same here - it's in the next version...just wait few days...


i am missing 1 file from apple2_clcracked softlist. maybe someone can help me out ?

thanks in advance.



fixdat.zip690B3 downloads


Don't search/post here for stuff that is already added to 0.211 or earlier!

 That apple disk was added in Mame/Mess in 2014

Got missing files from 2 roms in 0.212


missing rom: charset.rom [size: 2048] [CRC32: 3b3c5360] [SHA1: a3a2f74149107f8b8f35b15069c71f3aa843d12f]


missing rom: charset.rom [size: 2048] [CRC32: 3b3c5360] [SHA1: a3a2f74149107f8b8f35b15069c71f3aa843d12f]

missing rom: tanbug.rom [size: 1024] [CRC32: c8221d9e] [SHA1: c7fe4c174523aaaab30be7a8c9baf2bc08b33968]

missing rom: tanbug_2.rom [size: 1024] [CRC32: 7e215313] [SHA1: c8fb3d33ce2beaf624dc75ec57d34c216b086274]



Checking around for it, but figure if I am missing them, others probably are too.

Always check the backup folder of your rom manager after a rebuild.

Those roms were in the microtan romset since Mame/MESS 0.37b5, released exactly 19 years ago (Aug 3, 2000).


Try this one ...  laughing



microtan.zip14.7K27 downloads

Not sure why you post that old romset here when mt65 is already in the BDA.



I think he would not search if he knew that the files are in the BDA.

Thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated.

@gullyboy, I told him where those roms are before you posted that old set. They are in Mame for the past 19 years; they aren't new in 0.212.

Can anyone help out with the following (dat attached)?

Miss 0.212.zip2K13 downloads


Don't search/post here for stuff that is already added to 0.211 or earlier!


Spyder, none of the ones you request are new in 0.212.

Please create your own thread requesting that fill.

Windows 10 is having a fit with this NES rom image

puyopuyo.zip36.3K9 downloads

Software list CD32




added 0.210

clrmame pro says wrong checksum

can this be corrected in 0.213

VTech Genius Leader 2000 cartridge

folder \gl2000

rom image snws

clrmame pro reports wrong size

Replaced rom image

this rom was added in 2014

can this error be fixed in 0.213

Sega MegaDrive-Genesis Cartridges

folder \megadrv

rom quacksht

clrmame pro reports wrong size

can this be fixed in 0.213 

I am very close to being up to date with 212.  My apologies if any are from 211.  Thank you.

fix_bbc_rom.dat491B5 downloads
fix_gba.dat4.2K2 downloads
fix_spectrum_cass.dat3.6K1 downloads

Last problem with clrmame pro


folder \pc98_cd

11 sets have error

Set archive AND set folder exist in the same rompath

Can this b fixed in 0.213

rwood2477, can't you create your own thread with your problems instead of flooding this thread?

H2TRSKINS, please create a new thread with your request.

one missing:


What's wrong with the one in the BDA?


@rwood2477: Use the latest "nightly" build of CLRMAMEPro


@All: If you need to update your set -> create your own topic -> its not forbidden ;-)

This topic here was created for only the updates from 0.211 to 0.212


What's wrong with the one in the BDA?



this is rom, not chd, which is what I am looking for.

There isn't a starridr.chd in Mame 0.212; its status="nodump".


@ Thomas3

试试这个......  笑




Thanks Mucci

I'll download a new version on the next mame update

Usually I just use clrmame to check for updates and there hasn't been any fo a couple of months.

After I did the and was having trouble the nes file, I came to see fo other solutions and seen win 10 antivirus problems.

Fixed  the problem by creating an exclusion in win 10 and posted the file here

as I went thru the remaining profiles that shown problems but not missing anything and posted it here since this forum was already open.

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