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MAME 0.181 SL/CHD sooner requests

As usual because RR does not provide SL -> use my mirror!DNdAQZLY!2_OitKgh0NsziySlXg_Myg

Use his thread for added SL/CHD stuff (from official 0.180 to the next official release 0.181)

Don't search/post here for stuff that is already added to 0.180 or earlier!


new SL attached

hp_ips - full

ibm5150 - attached, missing 2 sets :

Gold Rush (Version 2.01, 5.25") [folder: goldrush - size: 2mb]
missing set: Gold Rush (Version 2.01, 5.25")
missing rom: Gold Rush [1988] [Sierra On-Line] [5.25] [1 of 5].ima [size: 368640] [CRC32: 1120e384] [SHA1: 8b80213593f8d76f7903380e5003904a0232beea]
missing rom: Gold Rush [1988] [Sierra On-Line] [5.25] [2 of 5].ima [size: 368640] [CRC32: ae812659] [SHA1: af0a62d6ab8882bf1c517756394395c8304653f3]
missing rom: Gold Rush [1988] [Sierra On-Line] [5.25] [3 of 5].ima [size: 368640] [CRC32: 6c6d7d41] [SHA1: e379988de70cf4d6be9d151b70927ff21e560189]
missing rom: Gold Rush [1988] [Sierra On-Line] [5.25] [4 of 5].ima [size: 368640] [CRC32: eb1ca8f0] [SHA1: d6b916f003e01af904c57ddd9ee0f76cd00200b7]
missing rom: Gold Rush [1988] [Sierra On-Line] [5.25] [5 of 5].ima [size: 368640] [CRC32: ad940acf] [SHA1: 592edc5c1da10fcfb689bc89660cf120a7e15102]

Gold Rush (Version 2.01, 3.5") [folder: goldrush35 - parent: goldrush - size: 1mb]
missing set: Gold Rush (Version 2.01, 3.5")
missing rom: goldrush35\Gold Rush [1988] [Sierra On-Line] [3.5] [1 of 2].ima [size: 737280] [CRC32: 5d6de39c] [SHA1: 3b230cc9456ff93cd08123606a2e05630ff73556]
missing rom: goldrush35\Gold Rush [1988] [Sierra On-Line] [3.5] [2 of 2].ima [size: 737280] [CRC32: db6bcf7e] [SHA1: bafeaca31872785f4b7b22496beac2dc12816c72]


tnx :)


hp_ipc.zip5.2M42 downloads
ibm5150.zip4.1M43 downloads


goldrush.7z1.1M36 downloads
goldrush35.7z1.1M31 downloads

apple1 redump

disassem.7z3.7K29 downloads

Thank you oddi.

P.S. Thanks for reporting the MAME sample issue to Roman. laughing

new request to ibm :)

attached fix dats , tnx :)


fix_ibm5150.dat3.9K4 downloads
fix_ibm5170.dat4.5K2 downloads

hmm no light here ? :-)

some ibm5150+5170 fixes here!gYB1XJLA!3yQgg5UoV1FQaMEcTlrzUbO-0x_e3kLSa9b1OhIyE54

tnx Gruby :)

found jingle disk ( attached )

ibm5150 - full

ibm5170 - 1 sets missing

Bob (1.00a) [folder: msbob - size: 13mb]
missing rom: disk01.img [size: 1474560] [CRC32: da78fa7d] [SHA1: 6b45dc9310d534b9fb10fb5efcfaa5b5793a13e1]
missing rom: disk02.img [size: 1720320] [CRC32: 833277a5] [SHA1: 6966562977957fd28acdb98a53a4c6236be9aa20]
missing rom: disk03.img [size: 1720320] [CRC32: 60a7dda2] [SHA1: 4b9e33275c6da0ee9b8a923e55a05d9281d335bf]
missing rom: disk04.img [size: 1720320] [CRC32: b9c1ddc7] [SHA1: 41a84750793826bc7033dc77ade621872f9101e0]
missing rom: disk05.img [size: 1720320] [CRC32: ad765681] [SHA1: 58df2e2602ff60d0da196d425c4e93bce4e6814f]
missing rom: disk06.img [size: 1720320] [CRC32: e8be449d] [SHA1: f62f03bf86ee51937eaa05b528fdc96f71871c73]
missing rom: disk07.img [size: 1720320] [CRC32: 724f9922] [SHA1: 89023ef479d843908ecd2d111ecd213b2d7bf420]
missing rom: disk08.img [size: 1720320] [CRC32: 25a88b00] [SHA1: f457a5ec85704a2d396e2d079a8f83977cf8bb04]

Virtual Reality Playhouse (Cover disk) [folder: vrplyhse - size: 1mb]
missing set: Virtual Reality Playhouse (Cover disk)
missing rom: virtual reality playhouse.img [size: 1228800] [CRC32: f72fbdf9] [SHA1: bdf98003350b40f887f594de653a18fb391b6e98]

Christmas For Windows [folder: xmas4win - size: 1mb]
missing set: Christmas For Windows
missing rom: Xmas4Windows.img [size: 1474560] [CRC32: 617a3326] [SHA1: 72c78772e988f2c4cc9d0a0498ecfa847594c3b9]

jingdisk.7z82.2K37 downloads
xmas4win.7z1.2M38 downloads

ibm5170 - 1 sets missing

This one?

ibm5170.zip1003K40 downloads

Thank you all for the fixes.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. smile

ACT Apricot PC-Xi floppy disks

apricot_flop.zip1M33 downloads

Hi all, just missing a few IBM 5150 files

Any help greatly appreciated!

fix_ibm5150.zip3K8 downloads

Can someone lease fill this for me?

The exe's for mess shown up, and I use messui for the computer emulators


thanks in advance.

fix_mess.zip1.2K3 downloads
Hi Guys,

I have a problem with the CHD.

The checksums do not match the downloaded files.

The files offered on the page are different

what is wrong?

Missing chd: kov3hd_v105.chd [chd-sha1: c185888c59880805bb76b5c0a42b05c614dcff37]

But the downloaded file has sha1: 68b163aa7adf153f05a513fa767cd80a9c3095e2

For more, see Appendix

Thank you!

Could you help to fix IBM PC disk images, please (ibm5150)
Thanks a lot

fix_ibm5150.dat10.3K3 downloads

@newton, upload your fix roms here:

@oddi : Big Thanks, it's very cool laughing

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