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Help with few roms in mame 215

Hi everyone


Who can help me with these roms (those are 3)

fix_MAME.dat6.5K4 downloads

It looks like you copied the roms from the update over your Mame 0.214 roms.
Don't do that.

I guess you have a backup of your full Mame 0.214 set, so you'll find your missing roms there.
Or try the BDA.


Not really, I used clrmamepro to update my roms.


I can check BDA, however part are software list.  I can try to check if clrmamepro backup has still those files.

Umm, you'll lose all your roms when your hard drive dies.

Attached is the SL rom, the two other Mame roms are in the BDA.

vkoubou.zip31.4K5 downloads

Thanks friend

I hope not.. in fact, I will move those roms to small NAS that i have in home..


You are right , each month, I need to move scan all files to verify what is missing...

Hi friends


Now I run a last scann, and I found that o have missing 36 files (3MB), however all files have extension .vz or .woz and are not in BDA..


Who can help me?


Thanks in advance

fix_MAMEk.dat9.3K1 downloads

All those 36 files are in the Mame 0.215 update folder on Mega under SL/apple2_flop_orig, SL/ibm5150 and SL/vz_snap.

Also, do you have all your SL roms in one big folder? Because they aren't separated per system in your fixdat.

Thanks none


Yes...I have SL in separate folder.

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