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Help to complete my collection of Sega Saturn CHDs

Hi all,

Being collecting Saturn CHD's for a long time now and am now down to the final 1%. There is still quite a number though - 30 I think.

If anyone could help I would really be sooo greatful - even just a few of the attached would be amazing!

Thanks all - xC

fix_saturn.dat7.7K2 downloads

Lots of those are on


Hi Noone,

WOW! thanks for the URL's; now down to 5 sets / 8 CHD's that are missing.

Hugs - thank you soooo much!



Can anyone help with the remaining few Saturn CHDs? Would be soo happy to get Saturn complete finally. Then I can finally get around to looking at completing FMtowns_cd and IBM_5170cdrom which I have been putting off for ages!




fix_saturn.dat2.4K4 downloads


now down to 5 sets / 8 CHD's that are missing.

The first two in your new request are in the first link that I posted.
The next two are in the second link that I posted.
The last three are in the third link that I posted.
I checked the SHA-1.

Only Rayman (prototype 19950720) isn't in the links that I posted before so I uploaded it HERE.


BTW, if you need many FMtowns and IBM_5170 CHDs then you might be better off at Pleasuredome.



Hi again Noone!


Thanks again; you were right - I didn't pick up that the folder name had changed... should have been looking at the filename instead. And thanks for Rayman!

All complete! Took along time to complete this one so a huge thanks again. For PD - yes I will eventually get around to looking there for the IBM and FM towns stuff.... I think I will give the CHD file collection a bit of a break now... got my hands on alot over the last 4-5 weeks ... nearly there! I tend to do these things in bursts...


Thanks again noone



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