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Bigger SL-CHDs missings from the expired mirrors

Hi, I kinda tried PD, but I coun't even connect to the site, so I'm asking my second batches of SL-CHD, here.

Although these sets are a bit bigger than last ones I asked--but, since I am not doing the major consoles like 'big P' or 'DC'--they should be around 50~60GB(?) altogather,  I guess.embarassed

Thanks in advance.

fix_cd32.dat12.6K4 downloads
fix_ibm5170_cdrom.dat60.1K2 downloads
fix_pc98_cd.dat31K4 downloads
fix_vsmile_cd.dat2.5K1 downloads

hmmmmm lot of work to do for you CLRMAME does not rebuild chd and I have stored my set as "merged" .......grrrr all work must be manually done..




Keep me informed when you have downloaded them ....


For what version of MAME are you looking ?


And topic is wrong -> expired -> no - removed is correct for such old update sets

Wow, Great.

I've downloaded both cd32 and vsmile. They are all verified correct. Thank you for those upload.

For the version, the previous fixdats are for .234 non-merged set. I re-made fixdats of remaining two for .235 merged version and included them. here. I also included miss lists in text form, too--as it may be easier to look upon if you are doing things manually.

Also, for IBM I included 'have' list form as well, since majority of it is missing. Ctr+A, then removing 'have' folders by Ctr+click may work faster, I think.

Hope they help.


fix_pc98_cd.dat26.8K2 downloads
miss_pc98_cd.txt837B2 downloads
fix_ibm5170_cdrom.dat60.1K1 downloads
have_ibm5170_cdrom.txt387B0 downloads

pc98 is uploaded

Most of the IBM uploaded ......(created a ps script for copying) ...

Can you download all stuff and post a new fix.dat with your missings?

Thank you for the upload!

Your update left me only about 20+ missing chds for the IBM 5170. So here I include the (hopefully) final fixdat for the missingsmile

Thanks again, dude.

fix_ibm5170_cdrom.dat7.2K1 downloads

collected manually as your foldernames does not match with my names .....(merged mode) .....uploaded, hope you have now a complete set.

Thanks for the uploads.

Hmm It seems my fixdat must be of split sets. That's a little weird as I was working on the merged set, for sure.

Anyway, my computer just went dead this morningfrown. I was trying to upgrade to a faster cpu, but the new cpu instead killed my board. So I changed the board from old unused computer, but on the way I BROKE MY MAIN SDD's sata connecter. Never thought it is broke-able. 

I probably unable to verify your new uploads until I fix my computer, which I suppose to take a bit longer as I am having a bit tough time, now.

(At least I imported your uploads to my Mega account, so you can remove them, if you want to)


Hi, I finally fixed my computer, and everything is back to where it was (sort of). Tested Mucci's upload and it worked perfect. Zero missings for IBMlaughing.

Thanks for the great uploads.

(By the way, for the title of this thread you have mentioned, I originally thought that those links are removed by Mega server automatically for being too old. so 'expired'.

But I guess you must mean that they are removed by the uploader manually.

Ya, then 'removed' make more sence. Since you are the modder, feel free to change the title as you wan't it other way. I don't know how to change it using mobile browser. Thanks.) smile


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