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[Recalbox]Daphne Roms


i upload the roms , movie and song of the Daphne games

i try to my odroid xu4 with recalbox 6.1 and all game work well ^^

you need the folder roms and after you choise the game you like ^^


Space Ace :

Astron Belt :

Badlands :

Bega's Battle :

Cliff Hanger :

Cobra Command :

Dragon Lair v2.1 :

Eshs aununmilla :

Galaxy Ranger :

GP World :

InterStellar :

Dragon lair :

Dragon Lair 2 :

M.A.C.H. 3 :

Road Blaster :

Super Don Quix-Ote :

Thayer's Quest :

Us vs Them :


roms :


good game 

Thanks for this share, but uptobox lately sucks for free users.

sorry for that but i have account on uptobox and 1fichier dont have another account for upload this file

1fichier is better for free users or you can use to upload to multiple hosters even if you don't have an account.

1st thanks for sharing!

Downloading tooks nearly 2 days!
The last 3 takes now 1 additional day.
I found out, that some unnecessary files in the archives are included.
Some archives can be significant smaller.

I will build a complete fixed version to download for each game and setup instruction if it is complete soon.


Here is a thread i made at another site. it has all daphne and daphne singe games.


If you dont want go to the other site, i can post my links directly here.

6 Daphne missing above here for you guys:!F1EShKIB!4MHvvUXCPF5bZOPwZ8ZVnQ



Freedom Fighter

Goal To Go

Laser GP

Time Traveler

Who Shot Johnny Rock





I'm not sure how to edit my previous post.. here is my thread so it is easier to get the files.


Here is the full Daphne and Daphne Singe set. They are the original versions directly from the emulator.


Daphne Singe



Daphne Singe v1.14 -!QixBDQhT!jDtemzrBcUehWjUPuhV0Q_DmBXrqIc8zoOEm5q49g9A



American Laser Games

Crime Patrol

Drug Wars

Who Shot Johnny Rock

The Last Bounty Hunter

Mad Dog

Mad Dog 2

Time Traveler v2.0


Extract to the root directory of Daphne Singe emulator. Run the bat file in the Batfiles\ALG folder to play game.

ALG part 1 -!M2wXxAYJ!5Wb-_pPOaZH4O0ytdDbblw815_Xur95zPlqQ03iy_W4

ALG part 2 -!MuhR2IzB!FfhpfDu0AfwC52W_grEGq85WbO6zUX4mFLwOLD-gt0Q

ALG part 3 -!BvwniKLT!Y1fH3QJVVJcfcmzdmQoq5olh05h2sMwrR3RQP5djQnQ

ALG part 4 -!Jz4XnCib!XJVCx_DK18ljmvyxRUx_H5dDYIIB8hA1MoRaZyPsfMw


some scripts in the above downloads have the incorrect are the fixed files. Extract to the daphne singe root folder and overwrite the files.

ALG update -!oqpCzK6R!a7IjHkQLH0bPk8U1U_DdTAwH0try6r-tUxPxFUfZIds


WoW Action Max

38 Ambush Alley

Blue Thunder

HydroSub 2021

Pops Ghostly

Sonic Fury


I have each game in it's own folder and adjusted the .singe files to point to these folders.

Extract to the root directory of Daphne Singe emulator. Run the bat file in the Batfiles\ActionMax folder to play game.

WoW ActionMax -!Zi4DGSjJ!-Z9gxwj30X7T4EqqiKIE67yZGkRFKy-r8tWfMnLaLCQ


This plugin is only needed if you want to do a fresh install. The download above already has the plugin added.

The plugin has all of the games ran from one folder. Copy the video and audio files into the singe folder if installing a fresh version.

WoW ActionMax Singe plugin -!luxVjIaQ!_oGOSbBa7bddi_aEEWlnRqgU_djv7f1weTZwOSNkVQM




Time Travler

Ninja Hayate


Extract to the root directory of Daphne Singe emulator. Run the bat file in the Batfiles\ folder to play game.

Arcade Singe -!hmhRQC7I!0EXghHIMKzPT1aVpyYCuZX0QHChVzkgnFrB4WSatDdo





Latest version of Daphne. After running DaphneLoader it will update to v1.0-2.2.11

v1.0 -!hmhlyKwK!huP-hEImSsVxqM992kvMljOLq7fzyS4qP--2XbUUHAc


This version has Goal to Goal in the menu. Game does not work though.

Daphne v99.6c -!0uxHBY6b!RUV5HxBiuqL6iFkLxpAA3xNGjwkKBBla1eg5XYLc0xc


Non Digital Leisure games

Here are the non Digital Leisure Daphne games. Daphne used to let you download all files directly from the emulator. These are the videos that Daphne provided. I think Cliff Hanger is the only one you could not actually download, and the version I have is a remastered version. I have also included bat files for you to play all versions available in Daphne. The preferred version is in the main Batfiles folder, but also In the Batfiles folder there is an alternates folder that has the different versions of the games. The videos are the same, just the roms are different. For example there Super Don-Quixote has two alternate roms that play shorter scenes. Cobra Command is another game that you can easily see the differences in roms.


Astron Belt / "Hitachi" & "Pioneer" laserdisc version

Badlands / "standard" & "prototype"

Bega's Battle / "rev 3" & "rev 1"

Cliff Hanger / "standard" & "alt 1"

Cobra Command / "Astron Belt HW" - "Mach 3 hardware" - "Dedicated Bega's Battle HW" & "cliff hanger / Interstellar / Dragon's Lair Conversion"

Esh's Aurunmilla / standard, "alt 1" & "alt 2"

Galaxy Ranger / "Hitachi" & "Pioneer" laserdisc version

GP World


Mach 3

Road Blaster

Star Blazer

Super Don Quix-ote / "standard" - "short scenes" & "short scenes alt"

Us vs Them


Extract to the Daphne root directory.

Daphne non DL games -!834xjIgD!l9NPphS29S9Y9zLmK4ahSmrQo1aLWzBSJSmr-qRFZW8


DL Games

Here are the DL games. These videos are what are downloaded from the Daphne emulator. I believe they are the original videos. The preferred versions are in the root of the BatFiles folder. There is als an Alternates folder that contains Batfiles for all versions of the games Daphne supports.


Dragon's Lair

USA (NTSC 1983) Disc - Rev F2/ Rev F/ Rev E/ Rev D/ Rev C/ Rev B/ Rev A/ Beta 2/ Beta 1(serial#1)/ Enhancement v2.1/ Enhancement v1.1

European Philips (PAL 1983) Disc - European/ Italian

European Software Corner (Pal 1991) Disc - Missing

DLP Limited Edition (NTSC 2002) Disc - (Enhancement v2.1 prototype mode)

Beta 2 does not work. I cant find the correct roms for it, and Daphne will not run the game.


Dragon's Lair 2

English 2nd Pressing Disc - 3.19/ 3.19(European)/ 3.18/ 3.16(European)/ 3.15/ 3.14/ 3.00/ 2.11

Spanish 2nd Pressing Disc - Missing

DId not include 3.19(Spanish) as disc is missing


Space Ace

USA (NTSC 1983) Disc - Rev A/ Enhanced v1.0/ Rev A2/ Rev A

European Philips (Pal 1983) Disc - European

European Software Corner (PAL 1991) Disc - Missing

USA Re-Make (NTSC 1991) Disc - Missing

Did not included remake (1991) as disc is missing


Thayer's Quest

Thayer's Quest keyboard -!86xBFAIJ!cXZlzxZ4cJE97kbHjy82xiufAP4XypTvCBh0rGRqnUk

Arcade, Part 1 Disc - Missing

Video from other source - standard/ alternate/ 'swearing' ROM Hack

I don't think you were able to download Thayer's Quest from Daphne. Found the video elsewhere.


Extract to Daphne root folder.

DL Games -!kywlmYjY!GJ9uN6NpJtO3W2heZC6jdCYp21es0BBxQ8mfkRF6sRc


Hard to find games

Here are the old Daphne games that were removed. I don't think the ever actually worked.

Goal to Goal -!Yig1GYAA!O0djB25qda4NJ9iAWQ9_OLYwPVX87wiyRnE9nDUs_bc

Firefox -!Jr51kaTI!fm5g-1mrUYzdfo7lH-qXCqJYfAx5nNPY4BU1KblMcaY

Firefox mpeg Version -!Qih1ES5L!OYgaIOXmXtCpKDje_lPvmrRZdTQz1P_s70D96et3A4g

Firefox Mame CHD -!IuIAkYCY!Wlwal9ahF1WS6uS8pVN5nSmbpkxGcvzUvKi_AKgdK-Y

Freedom Fighter -!x6gnWYpQ!frMxIiBDpXKwckl9efnLbKsb4oOMOMhhb4bBJX-OAbs

Freedom Fighter mpeg version -!cqhXhQBa!ET6wgR_d9OhRPfQGBT7UtCOTp8KdHilxz_ZfmsQjfvk

Unfortunately, uptobox is blocked for US residents as it won't allow downloads or streaming on that site.

Still looking for this:

Can you help? 

Only need Cube Quest and Laser Grand Prix, other 2 i already have it. They work even unemulated.

Thanks! cool

i use this games for recalbox , not in my pc sorry

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