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login issues

I am able to log into the site but when trying to download I get the error ""

I use the same password, I've tried with both Chrome and Firefox.

The problem seems to be intermittent.

hmmmm " I get the error """ .........really? thats the error?

 I have the same problem..I can't download anything

you are reporting an error: It is not easy to help you. It would help to have more details available and not something like "me too"!

  • Has it worked in the past?
  • Have you downloaded something?
  • If yes, how many files in what time?
  • Have you used the same username/password as for the forum?
  • Have you waited 24h? ( that is the time the download limit is cleared)
  • Have you tried to clear your browser cache/cookie, another browser)

... if we found nothing out you should contact czokie as I don't have access to the logs (to see more whats going on in the background).


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