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Some SoftwareList roms which detected by ctrlmpro

Hi there,

since the mess/softwarelist side was included in mame, I always go on to collect the arcade sets only, excluding all that sets which own to mess world.

So when ctrlmamepro asks me to import SoftwareList, I regularly answer always no.

Recently I found out that in my arcade romset collection there was some mess sets, like megatouch XL, the nintendo game&watch series, etc., maybe result of old previous attempts to collect SoftwareList roms, that remained in the mame roms folder when I decided not collecting anymore and not deleted.


With some compares between lists extracted from .ini extra files, I deleted all these mess sets in order to clean my arcade collection and then I made a new rescan with ctrlmamepro of the new MameUI 0.206.


Well, even if I choose not to import the SoftwareList, at  the end of the scan ctrlmamepro told me that I have 2709 sets missing, but these sets own to mess world.

For example, the set "68k Single Board Computer" is missing, but why since it owns to SoftwareList.

Another example are Amiga 1200, or Atari 400, or Apple I etc. All missing in the arcade collection according to ctrlmamepro scan but they are softwarelist because of are console/computer.


I gave myself an answer: maybe even if these are mess sets, they are necessary to make it work arcade games ... as the neogeo: this rom/bios needs both for mess world and mame world and so if deleted and if I don't import softwarelist, ctrlmamepro will tell me that will be missing anyhow.


I want to know if there is another reason or something wrong in scanning...or some bugs.... or easly that above is the explanation.

Wrong, and wrong.


Since mame and mess joined into one project, both the softlists and mame roms are treated as separated things. You don't need softlists to have an entire mame rom set. If some set is required in both arcade and softlist set, the romset is present in both. (e.g. neogeo roms).

Be aware that since some releases ago, mamedevs started reshuffled some roms. This makes necesary to rebuld not only from an update pack, but also from the backup folder of clrmamepro (when do a rebuild,  there's a button "use BackupPath", should be used after a rebuild from update packs and rebuild from this location).

Also, be aware that the 206 set shuffles a CHD from a folder to another, but clrmamepro will delete it and move to the backup folder. The chd is VS4E. Go to the backup folder, rename it to VS4EO and move to your rom folder. (you can also look for the nightly build of clrmamepro, it has this and other problems solved already).



Ok, I done. Now I have zero missing since I downloaded again the whole romset from pleasuredome (not to belittle retroms work that is excellent but they have the torrents that to me is more convenient).

But I'd like to ask this: some roms that I thought to be in mess world are in the mame world.

Or better: I thought that now in mame there are two emulation worlds: the classic arcade and all the others (consoles, computers, calculators, children toys etc. etc.)

If this is the case, why do I find some console roms (for example the nintendo game&watch like donkey kong II, oil panic and others that are classified as consoles) inside the arcade romset?

I expected to find 'em inside the SoftwareList romset (if I decide to donwload it).

That's happen because of botleggers and people that took some of the consoles boards (snes comes to my mind), added some circuitry to allow 5 min per coin (example) and put them on arcades.

Also, there's some arcade games that their hardware is based on consoles (psx based arcade games, arcadia, (based on amiga hardware),  cojag (based on jaguar hardware), or the neogeo MVS roms (arcade) that uses the same set (or almost, depending on the game) as their console based AES counterparts.

Since these all were in arcades, they belong to mame, even if are based on consoles, that belong to the mess side. Hence the dupplicated sets in some cases.