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Problem with Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King

I would like to play the game Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King - Mezame yo! Arata-naru Chikara !! (Japan, Ver 4.000) (MDA-C0061) (romset dinoki4), however when I start it there is an error message saying "ERROR 1! THIS GAME IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MAIN BOARD!" 

Please send me

When you start the rom it literally says "THIS MACHINE DOESN'T WORK." on a red background before you can proceed.

What should we send you?

Yes I think that's it.


And no I was wrong I meant help me and not send me.

You get the error on the red background before the emulation starts.

That romset just doesn't work in Mame until the CHD is dumped correctly.

   DISK_IMAGE( "mda-c0061", 0, BAD_DUMP SHA1(d9e21aff3d33cc5d3d97decacf963cff23c60ff1) )
     // BAD_DUMP note: actual game files is all good and genuine, but image itself was modified and not original.

That's why you're getting the "THIS GAME IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BY MAIN BOARD" error during the emulation.

That's what I did but it does not work.

problem&.PNG80.3K3 views
problem.PNG20.3K3 views

Why there are three parts of chd files for dinoki4 in your site ?


Why there are three parts of chd files for dinoki4 in your site ?

CHD files are compressed in multi-part RAR format because they are big.

You need to download all parts and uncompress them with WinRAR or 7zip to get the CGD file.


sorry explane a bit more about it also will it work on demul the cgd file