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Missing Files When Building a 0.229 Non-Merged Set

Originally it was a 0.229 merged set which according to my clrmamepro scan result was complete. Now I want to make it a non-merged set using clrmamepro but there are 20 missing audio/sound board sets. But the files listed in the scan result are all present in their parent sample file. Trying to search for the missing folder name brings up only information about said sound board. Also, If copy the parent sample, re-name to the missing folder name from the scan result, place them in the specified ROM path and perform a second scan, clrmamepro will ask to remove them as they are not necessary and will finish the scan and give a complete set result. Performing another scan on the exact same set with a new profile will result in these missing sets again until I repeat what I just did to get a complete set result. Am I really missing these sets or does it have to do with clrmamepro itself?

I've attached the scan result list below, hopefully I could get some help in resolving them.

fix_MAME 0.229.dat11.3K5 downloads