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Final Burn Alpha 0.2.50

Anyone has the original Final Burn Alpha 0.2.50 and previous versions?

Maybe Final Burn Alpha 0.2.91, 0.2.92 if it doesn't ask too much?

Thanks in advance!

it's dead, k thx bye


it's dead, k thx bye

It's not really really dead, the source files are still available on the website, but i don't know how to compile, sad lol

And yes, i know too how hard to setting up the windows environment to do that today, it needs such a bunch of old hard to find utilities and libraries

Actually i have the 0.2.50, but it's a slightly modified version called FBA Combo with simple macros, but i want the original file for obvious reasons

And I think i lost my 0.2.40 and 0.2.92 from my hard drive in the past for whatever reason

But i still have the 0.138, 0.2.60, 0.2.94 and versions in my collection.

I would like to revive more classic versions if is possible, thanks anyway.

we already have a perfectly fine successory, finalburn neo, it's regularly updated with hacks.

@Loggan08 you're not listening to him - he collects old emulators, just as someone else might collect old radios or something.

It's not a matter of what emulator is better or more acceptable.


there's the capcom home arcade which plays FBA