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Today, I've had one too many requests about "how do you calculate download limits". It really gets tiring, so I thought it was time to post it somewhere that people could refer to. Note that this topic will be locked, no replies. Just an announcement of how it works. Any future questions about download limits will not be responded to.

  1. Why do you have limits? I want to download everything for free.
    • To be honest, the real reason for the limits is to make sure everyone gets a fair go. If there were no limits, the server would be unable to cope with the load, without significant extra hardware cost. 
  2. What are the limits for my membership level or some other membership level?
    • Click here to look at your limits, or other levels.
  3. How much have I downloaded so far today?
    • There is no online report available. Sorry. See #9 below if you want a report.
  4. What is the period for the limits?
    • They're daily limits. They are therefore calculated... daily!
  5. When does a day end and my limit reset?
    • Contrary to popular belief, the world is not flat. It is round. It doesn't make sense to have one reset time.
  6. If there is no reset time and I hit my limit, when can I download again?
    • The system keeps a "rolling log" of files you have downloaded. Every time you request a file, it says "how many files has this person downloaded in the last 24 hours". If its more than the limit, your request is rejected. It is that simple.
  7. What about download managers
    • Many download managers will make two or more downloads per file. Those download requests cause workload on the server. If you remember back to point 1, the reason for limits is to give everyone a fair go. If you use a download manager that sends multiple requests per file, EACH ONE WILL BE COUNTED.
  8. I am using the <insert name> download manager. Will it work?
    • We don't test download managers. But in general, they will work. But remember, if your download manager makes multiple requests per file, that will impact your daily limit.
  9. Why can't I download roms? It keeps Asking for username and password. It does not accept my own username and password.
    • You exceeded your limit - Come back in 24 hours, or upgrade
  10. I paid, and I still cant download
    • Your previous failed login (before upgrade) is cached for up to 60 minutes max. After upgrading, you may need to wait up to 60 minutes if you exceeded a limit before upgrading.
  11. I want to upgrade intermediate to premium or similar. How does that work?
    • Technically, it is not supported. The system will take your money, but it will require human intervention to do something manually. Contact Czokie for help
  12. I think you should <insert idea>
    • Ideas are good. But executing them takes time and resources. You are welcome to fund a development team who can re-write the software we use to do whatever it is you want. Other than that, the system works the way it does. If you don't like it, you don't have to use it. 

Hi guys,how do you download the roms from this site?Thank you