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Download Managers, Upgraded Accounts?

What kind of account upgrade would be good for someone like me who really is into getting the roms, and do you guys support Download Them All, and similar managers, and do we get a speed boost because it's really slow navigating.

We don't block any download managers - Try it out as a regular user, and find out if it meets your needs.

Having said that - I ask that people don't download hundreds of files simultaneously. It won't make it happen any faster. Our network connectivity is pretty fast. You will make it slower if you try stuff like that.


Yeah but I don't wanna download all of a mame full release one by one I'll blow my head off. So whats the limit again and how to I surpass it with a membership?

You can upgrade here:

Standard: 100 files per 24 hours
Basic : 500 per 24 hours
Intermediate: 2000 per 24 hours
Premium: no limit

Let me explain this a different way.

Download managers perform two functions. One is to queue a large list of files. No problem with that. Its basic stuff. As Perkele stated, there are different options as to how many files you can get per day. Pick what works for you.

The other thing download managers CAN do is to do multiple files simultaneously. There is no limit imposed, but if you do multiple files simultaneously and/or segment your downloads, it will be a slower experience for you and for every other user on retroroms. Each segment is a new request to the servers. If you send 100 requests at the same time, that consumes resources for other people. In addition to that, the CPU load goes up, and the overall transfer speed goes down.

People that keep saying download managers with simultaneous segmented downloads are peddling snake oil. It just doesn't work and its a pain for everyone else.

Summary: Queue your downloads, do them one at a time and everyone will be happy.

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