Follow the steps below to help reach the goal.

  1. Register as a subscriber of the youtube channel
  2. Enter the competition to win a DJI Osmo Mobile by entering a competition here:
  3. Send a message to asking to be upgraded.

Upgrades will happen after the youtube channel hits its target. At that time, users will be upgraded one level above their current access for 30 days

  • Non members go to Basic
  • Basic will go to Intermediate
  • Intermediate will go to Premium.
  • Any existing premium members will have 1 month added to their expiry date.

The draw for the prize will happen live on the youtube channel once the target is reached. Good luck!

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  •  noone: 
    While a 30 days upgrade is great, a working Standard membership would be even greater.

    Because at the moment my IP gets blocked for 24 hours every time I download a single file from the BDA. And by the looks of a thread on the forum I'm not the only one to experience this.

    Edit: It got even worse; now my IP gets blocked without downloading anything from the BDA.
    Edit2: And my IP got blocked again. Looks I'll have to abandon this site.
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