For those that donated BEFORE today on the new site, you can get some bonus access. You have two choices.


Option 1: Extend the date - I will convert you from 30 days will go to 90 days, 90 days will go to 180 days, or 180 day to 365 days

Option 2: I will bump you up a level. Bronze to silver, Silver to Gold.


To get your bonus, please send a PM to Czokie with:

1. Your username

2. The paypal transaction ID

3. Tell me which you want - option 1 or option 2


If you donated on the OLD site after 15-Jun, I'll sort you out with something as well. Drop me an email with your username and paypal transaction ID and I'll pick something appropriate.

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  •  czokie: 
    Click your profile name top right, and then select account. You will see a link "Upgrade Options" for your profile. Pick an option that is right for you.
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  •  radiance: 
    How do we donate now? I seem to recall you talking about it at site opening, but I can't find a button or anything.
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