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  •  StuASI: 
    Hi Guys, Cab building is like Cab buying you start with one, and before you know it you have a whole collection of them.
    I currently have 3 working, and about 5 side projects to get working again, just need another 12hours in a day to get the time.
    Working :
    Naomi 1 - with multi pi netboot kit.
    Super Space Invaders 91
    Naomi 1 converted to standard jamma.
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  •  pablo33: 
    Hi, I started building a couple of arcade joystics. I thought it could be greater, and ended up building 4 different cabinets.

    Now I have three of them.

    It's nice to know people with same interests.
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  •  brodieb: 
    I built my first one 10 years ago. The computer recently crashed and I have started over creating the machine again. Lots of work upgrading to the current level but what else am i going to do. :) My next project is a bar top arcade with retro pie 3 ....
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  •  LowkeyFeeding: 
    hey thorwor do you still active on this website? currently working on my third cabinet and was wondering if you could possibly help with some info on mame. some of my games are not running at all and would like some help
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  •  thorwor: 
    Bummer... I was hoping to see some more innovative cab builders joining the discussion here. I've seen countless vids of folks buying those Arcade 1ups then 'upgrading' them... reminds me of that old saying 'like pouring perfume on a pig'.
    In fact, checking one out at the local Wal-Mart made me certain that building my own machine was the way to go. First off, it's like three feet tall, and when I grabbed the joystick, the ball fell off... not a good sign. If you're willing to spend $300 bucks on one, consider that it only costs a little bit more to go first class!
    I've had a blast with my custom cab but can't seem to stop thinking of ways to improve it.
    Most recently, I've added an (Aimtrak) recoil gun and plan to get another one for 2 player action. Loads of fun! Ultimarc also offers a 4/8 way stick that has a powered switch to change it on the fly. I'm now thinking about trying to adapt one to my tankstick.
    C'mon guys (and gals too)... get busy on your machines and post those photos for fellow Retrorommers to enjoy!
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