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  •  thorwor: 
    Bummer... I was hoping to see some more innovative cab builders joining the discussion here. I've seen countless vids of folks buying those Arcade 1ups then 'upgrading' them... reminds me of that old saying 'like pouring perfume on a pig'.
    In fact, checking one out at the local Wal-Mart made me certain that building my own machine was the way to go. First off, it's like three feet tall, and when I grabbed the joystick, the ball fell off... not a good sign. If you're willing to spend $300 bucks on one, consider that it only costs a little bit more to go first class!
    I've had a blast with my custom cab but can't seem to stop thinking of ways to improve it.
    Most recently, I've added an (Aimtrak) recoil gun and plan to get another one for 2 player action. Loads of fun! Ultimarc also offers a 4/8 way stick that has a powered switch to change it on the fly. I'm now thinking about trying to adapt one to my tankstick.
    C'mon guys (and gals too)... get busy on your machines and post those photos for fellow Retrorommers to enjoy!
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  •  Mucci: 
    great great :-)
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  •  Mucci: 
    great, keep us informed about your work :-)
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  •  thorwor: 
    UPDATE: Thanks to Mucci's inspiration, I'm happy to report that my cab build is well underway! Two days in and I have made great progress. Luckily, I have access to a woodworking shop and I'm hiding all fasteners by cutting grooves in the edges and utilizing pocket screw assembly.
    It's going in my living room so it has to look like a high end piece of furniture so my girl will allow it.
    I had an idea to to put a small door above the marquee so I can change it out if desired and it turned out amazing! I'd love to share a photo, but for some reason my account is unable to post any pictures (or even change my avatar)even though I recently upgraded. I have reached out for help, but my pleas have apparently fallen on deaf ears... oh well... perhaps by the time its done I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.
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  •  thorwor: 
    Great job, Mucci... I have most of the materials I need to start building mine. I'm also using a Tankstick but plan on adding a spinner as well. I have to replace the PCB first to make it more compatible with retropie. I still have a long way to go... thanks for giving me a little inspiration!
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