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BATMAN - The Movie (Ocean - Spectrum - 1989)
Batman - The Movie is a platform game released by Ocean in 1989, for the Spectrum computer.

Bruce Wayne. The multi-millionairre head of the Wayne Foundation is an unassuming, quiet type of guy. However, when night falls and evil stalks the streets, he sheds his daytime persona and becomes the masked vigilante of Gotham City - Batman!

Crusading against crime from the rooftops of the sickened city, his objective becomes the elimination of Gus Grissom's criminal empire. In particular, the conquest of Jack Napier, the psychotic second-in-command.

Napier was the most cunning and sadistic force in Gotham anyway, but when an accident befell him, twisting him both physically and mentally, he became the ultimate criminal - The Joker!
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