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  •  waitandhope123: 
    I'll chime in here and say this makes for a depressing Thanksgiving weekend for sure! RS was cool because you learned more and felt part of a community that cared. Really there's nothing left which is just odd to say but it's true! LOL
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  •  Four_X_2K3: 
    Noooooo NIN you've done it now. fellas i started a No-Intro request thread on here at but i don't know how Popular it will be so you may need to spread the word. if this is aganst the forum rules please remove this post.
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  •  noone: 
    Corporate greed is never a good thing.
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  •  stargeizer: 
    If somebody finds/have a site where updated data is being distributed, mind sharing via PM? (yup i'm avoiding direct terms, google and stuff), probably going public for a release wouldn't be a great idea nowadays (and probably shouldn't be here, too open and browseable thru G)
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  •  niallquinn: 
    I've spoken to TC, he's been told to take the site down by N, and may be facing legal proceedings. I've asked him if we could bring it back somehow, even if the N stuff is no longer allowed, but have yet to get a reply. If anyone can help, suggest a way forward, or where we go now, or whatever, please get in touch. Thanks to RR, mods please remove or edit this post if it breaks any rules. Cheers.
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21.08.2016 (1767 days ago)