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Working Artwork: Namco Golly Ghost+Bubble Trouble

New artwork for Namco Golly Ghost (gollygho) and Bubble Trouble (bubbletr

Required for MAME 0.244+

Alternative 16:9 scoreboard layout for both games.

Credits to Mr Do (original) and Widge (new format)



(0.244) Changelog:

-gollygho: use generic output strings (!!NOTE!! update ext. artwork file) [hap]


namco_artwork.zip6.6M22 downloads


Love these games now..... 

Improved and tidied package, with Japanese Bubble Ghost rom as seen in YouTube:


namco_gollygho.zip7.6M13 downloads

Updated Golly Ghost 2: Bubble Trouble artwork is located at this repo:


Credit to author.

Yes, better artwork now.


bubbletr.zip3.8M13 downloads
gollygho.zip1.2M12 downloads
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