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Various Arcade - 20191101

There's a new Various Arcade DAT out.

Does someone know where to download these roms or can someone fill my fixdat?

Here you go...



Wow, that was fast.

Thanks as always.

I'm still missing 1 rom in "Cosmo gang the video". Can anybody help?


cg1-spob.zip12.4K13 downloads

Nice. Thank you

This thread made me realize I'm behind with my Various Arcade set from 20180830... Tried to source as much as I could but this set is by far the most disparate I have. I realize the size of what I need is quite substantial, but if anyone could upload the fix, I would be grateful.

 Just realized the existence of prior threads about Various Arcade on this forum. Will update and be back with a smaller request soon.

OK, just finished updating! :) Much smaller fix! 




Wow, thank you very much for the fast fix Noone! :)

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