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Various Arcade - 20190905

There's a new Various Arcade DAT out.
Does someone know where to download these roms or can someone fill my fixdat?

I've had a hard drive go bad, and naturally it was one with a lot of roms on itfoot-in-mouth.

I downloaded/restored most of them, but could only find about a year old version of "Various Arcade". Downloaded all (I think) updates in this forum that are still online, but missing quite a lot still. Any links/fills would be appreciated

Not much, noone...... but I found 1 missing for youembarassed

Thanks, I uploaded most of your missing on Mega.


During the rebuild of your fix I found out that I had a dozen corrupted zips, can you recheck my new fixdat?

Thank you..... downloading


I dont have much of your missing I'm afraid. Only one for now. Will upload more if I find any

Thanks, FarbrorS, but you posted a wrong Mega-link.

@noone.. here you go bud.!Kl9AxTAA!3n4trnsyXA4EVNScL-I-2w

P.S. I was lazy at the moment to create a new folder and new encrytpion key so I just uploaded it to a folder I use for the MAME Archives stuff, it's there though, you'll see it. I'll delete it when v0.214 comes out.



It's probably of no use anymore after Mordors post, but is this link in the correct format?!XZ5nFA7C!IMriF-iChQlGkb35No4VSg

Thanks, Mordor, but I'm still missing a few.
I guess from the corrupted zips that I had.

New fixdat attached.


@FarbrorS, yes, that is a correct link and I could use that rom.

Found another one, it's in the same link

Here you go:

Thanks, my set is complete again.

Mine is complete too. Many thanks

Hi friends,

I attach my fix ....
if someone wants to help me .....




@Claudio, most of your missing I already posted above .....

The 2 other are attached.


@Claudio, most of your missing I already posted above .....

The 2 other are attached.

 All green now....

Thanks a lot friendcool


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