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Split sets where only difference is CHD

After rebuilding / scanning with clrmamepro and resulting in 0 missing, I'm noticing that some "games" aren't physically found in the set, due to the only thing making it unique is a CHD (this is for split sets). For example "chaoshea" shows one (1) no dump, the rest of the roms merged with a biosset, and a unique CHD. This game is listed as "working" in the latest "working arcade.ini" list. Should a game like this be listed as not working, and if now, how can it be "playable" Can clrmamepro make "dummy" romsets?

This is my first experience with MAME, and just trying to understand how this all works.

The above is all for 0.226 relase.


It's working with imperfect sound according to

How do you get the game to run, as I have .zip archive for it in my main rom folder, nor does clrmamepro create one? This is the case for a few of the games.