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Some Videos to show Mame/ui Favorites Themes



set up a ps4 joystick for Front Line


A1 MyFavorites Mame Playlist


Mame/ui Favorites Themes

Boxing games all systems


Hack N Slash

Kung fu Fighting


My Favorites

Space Invaders

Desert Strike - All Systems Finished 

Frogger - All Systems

Ghouls n ghosts  - All Systems 

Metal Slug -  All Systems 

My Favorites 

Pac Man Ports - just pacman ms pacman & Jr ports

Pinball - all systems


Puzzle Games - Board Games - non arcade

Space Invaders - all systems

Super Heroes - all systems


Football Favorites

Mario & Friends Favorites

Sonic The Hedghog Favorites

Pacman 40th anniversary Favorites



Lists Explained 3 Kinds: Mame/Folders/.ini, Mame64/ui Favorites.ini, Mame/hash .xml



A1 MyFavorites Mame Playlist .ini

(1A Top 10   to Classics)    to highlight Classics top roms to all roms

(Doubles to Xmen & Other Super Heroes)     to highlight main categories

(z)                                 to highlight other categories, chd, mess, computer, consoles, handhelds

(zz)                       not really needed as lists but don't hurt to have around

(zzz)                     the new stuff


[1A Top(10) 47 Quick Picks]- quick list of favorites to fit on 1 screen with no scroll in front end on top so the kids know where 

to click


[587 Top Arcade Games] Simply the best games you can play in mame


[A Mess Of Favorites - Games Revisited] Our personal favorites & games to try again & again


[All Games I / 1972 - 1990](1852)All games for the years Listed


[All Games II 1991-2000](1256) All games for the years Listed


[All Games III 2001 - now](160) All games for the years Listed


[All Games IV Alpha - Omega (3276)] classics I, II, III all in 1


[Classics] Golden Age Top Games


[Doubles-Multi Player Fun 1-4] great for mame parties


[Fighters scrolling adventure]Fighting adventure games, gauntlet, knights of valor, Shinobi ect.


[Fighters ( Power Meter )]Fighting games one on one 


[Mouse-Trackball-Guns-Spinner]Got to use a mouse to play them and setup mouse buttons to fire(Once in the game push Tab, Select Input this machine and set up your mouse buttons) now trackball and mouse games in same list


[Pinball-Pachinko-Breakout]Arkanoid, pinball action - just the playable pinball games not the electromechanical, added breakout games in here


[Puzzle Games - Mahjong - Trivia] Tetris, zooo, matching games an some mahjong but only the tile matching ones


[Racing - Chasing] playable racing games, sometimes you load a racing game and they don't steer


[Shooter Land-Sea-Air-Space Force] space invaders, Moon Patrol, Rtype ect, anything space themes that shoots


[Shooter Humanoids] Metal Slug, In the hunt, shooting games, mostly guns but newspapers also


[Sports]football, baseball, hockey, pool, soccer, wrestling,  anything that plays well sports wise is added here


[Tickets-Slots-Gambling-Cards]A Few Poker, Slot Machines,Horse racing and Ticket Games, no overload just some I thought represented decent and easy playabilty


[WTF Adult] I put the adult section at the bottom as some may not want it, but these are games that were different and had fun gameplay.  The WTF games are in here also, some games just off the wall


[X-Men & Other Super Heroes] Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles, Batman, X-men ect.


[Z Best Mess] Console Systems:To highlight the "hash files" I made for these systems a2600, a5200,a7800,a800 , Coleco, Genesis, 32x,PCE,  PSX, Jaguar, Lynx, aes, Neogeo, SMS, +more Taboo


[Z CHD'S Favorites] blitz, gauntlets, gobyrc, zooo 


[Z CHD'S] good working chd's


[z Computer] all the playable computers and others added to keep an eye on for playability in future releases, this section is going to take more exploring to see what works


[z Consoles Cartridge-CD-Hand Held Cartridge] Atari 2600 5200 7800, Colecovision, Lynx, Game Gear, ect. all the playable consoles and others added to keep an eye on for playability in future releases


[z Consoles Single-Plug&Play Home Arcade Sets] jakk_  mc_  ect.


[z Hand Held Games & Game&Watch ] - Simon,pacman,mspacman  ect.


[Z Crazy Controllers] Games That had weird controllers ofr alot of buttons. Defender, Robotron, Front Line ect.


[Z Legal Mame Roms] - The list of free games in mame


[Z Pacman 40th Anniversary] All Paccman games clones & handhelds


[Z Parents Needed to run clones] make sure you grab the parents or your clones wont work


[z To Slow, Almost Work, Don't Work] this is my folder to see if games play better on a better gaming rig (changes with each release)


[Zz Bios's] Not that they are playable but may needed when building a working rom library


[Zzz Whats New & Working]new working games


[Zzz Whats New & Updated]newest changes in newest mame


[Zzz Whats Old 2019] newest editions in 2019


[Zzz Whats Old 2020] newest editions in 2020


[Zzzz Not in 139 or not working in 139]Games added or changed to working status since 139


Other Lists


A1 MyFavorites Mame Playlist Pt.II - Simular,  list with 50+ more categories



1 Top On Screen High Score

1 A top Games

1 Big Bunch of Sequels


Arkanoid - Breakout

Asteroids - Sinistar - Tempest



Berzerk - Venture

Blood Bros - Nam 1975

Bomberman - Tang Tang

S)Bowling - Shuffleboard - Horseshoes

S)Boxing - Karatee

Bubble Bobble - Bombjack - Snow Bros

Centipede - Slither

Cowboy's & Ninjas

Defender - Choplifter

Dig Dug - Mr.Do - Mr.Driller - Bouldaer Dash

Donkey Kong - Burger Time - Loderunner

Double Dragon


R)Drift out - Dirt Fox

R)Drift out94 - Great 1000 Miles


Girls in Games


Gradius - RType - Salamander

Hack N Slash



Metal Slug - Caliber 50 - Mercs

Missile Command


Pac Man - Nibbler - Lady Bug

Pang - Choky Choky


Pool - Darts - Horseshoes

Pole Position - Outrun - Virtual Racing


Qix - Mr.TNT - Volfield

S)Ski - Snowboard - Skateboard


Scramble - Super Cobra

Sonic The Hedge Hog

Space Invaders - Galaga - Galaxian

Star Wars - Star Trek

R)Sprint - Offroad - Indy Heat

Tank - Jets 

S)Tennis - Ping Pong - Volleyball

Tetris- Dr.Mario - Zooo

S)Track & Field - Bicycle


Xevious - 1941 - Raiden

Zaxxon - View Point

*************Moved From A1 MyFavorites Mame Playlist **************************

Zz Crazy Controllers

ZZ Legal Mame Roms

Zz Pacman 40th Anniversary

Zz X-men & Other Super Heroes


A1 MyFavorites139u1 Mame Playlist -contains all lists above besides the chd consoles & computers. my 139u1 list of favorites, as I use mame 139u1 on my Smart  TV, Raspberry Pi, Phones, Tablets the rom set for use with mame4 droid on other devices -non working games and chd's also removing adult games from this version, This list was built from the myfavs.ini so it will show other games unless you open it with 139 till I track down all the ones not needed, no computers or consoles as mame and mess were separated back then

not that you can use the list with mame4droid but for you to have a copy on your computer so you can see what roms will work with it, as a reference.


All Games Ultimate List Seperated - All working games

Ultimate List Complete  All working games Chd's Computers & Consoles, no Hand Helds

Ultimate list Lite      All working games No Chd's Computers & Consoles, no Hand Helds

z Chd's

z Computer

z Consoles Cartridge - CD - Hand Held

z Hand Held Games - Game & Watch

z To Slow, Almost Work, Don't Work

zz Bios's Mame


Pacman 40th Anniversary - list of all pacman games in mame 


Years of Mame - Mame games yearly releases


Games for All Ages - no adult, and non violent


The Ported - games from the arcade that were ported to consoles


Bios & Software Bios- the list of bios roms needed for some games, some wont show up & some were not in the list but I think I got them all


Z#Versions- versions placed in order for easier viewing


Mame/hash .xml

Software Lists Hash Files:

Top 10 or more, Lists for consoles a2600, a5200,a7800,a800 , Coleco, Genesis, 32x, PSX, Jaguar, Lynx, Neogeo, SMS + tabooo

these go in your hash folder and are lists of the top 10 software lists for the consoles

note: if it the aren't showing up correctly click description in the SW Items list

PS1 Hash Sections :Anything in the list I thought was at least a 6 in a rating(That was playable.)Hash contains 16 consoles top 30 or better

PS1 Categories A1-Adventure-Arcade 2k-Arcade-Fighter-Gambling-Kids Games-Kids Learning-Pinball-Platform-Pong-Puzzle-Racing-Shooter Ship-Shooter-Sports


Mame64/ui Favorites.ini

uiMame Favorites - A list that uses the mame/ui favorites.ini for Regular Mame64 only.

A way to showcase a theme with Arcade & Consoles & Computer Specific Games selectable from list



Desert Strike

Football in Mame


Ghouls n Ghosts

Hack & Slahs

Kung Fu Fighting

Mario & Friends

Metal Slug

My Favorites

Pac Man & Ports

Parman 40th Anniversary



Puzzle Games-Board Games

Q bert

Sonic The Hedgehog

Space Invaders

Super Heroes



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