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Small number of CHDs missing - can anyone help?

Hi everyone,

 Hoping someone can help? First time posting here though I have been dropping in and out for a while for a few obscure systems.

I am looking for a small number of CHD's to complete my collection. Apologies if these have been posted before or if this forum is the wrong place to look?

Any help you could give would be really appreciated!

Thank you!





fix_pcecd.dat774B3 downloads
fix_snes_vkun.dat746B2 downloads
fix_vsmile_cd.dat2.5K2 downloads
fix_neocd.dat2.1K2 downloads

This should be all of them. I think the names are for split sets, so they might need renaming if you have merged sets!mMhkVQyR!qfo_HQyQtePyCW32uwJpjw

Many thanks - I really was not expecting such a quick response :)




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