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Searching: initdv2ja

Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 2 (Japan, Rev A) (GDS-0026A) (Sega 2002)

initdv2ja   : gds-0026a.chd - INCORRECT CHECKSUM:
EXPECTED: SHA1(44790194a7a32ca9faf02403821bf23015ec8f3c)
   FOUND: SHA1(f56a85ebb842838561c15cb53ce81eb341e91300)
initdv2ja   : 315-6301.ic11 (130817 bytes) - NOT FOUND - NO GOOD DUMP KNOWN

Is there any newer dump?

It changed in Mame 0.214; the one in the BDA is the correct one:

See for the CHD info.

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