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Run Puppy Run (0.230) Wrong Checksum

Hi folks, just downloaded the runpuppy rom and chd, but I am receiving error of bad checksum

runpuppy    : gsan1-a.u17 (32768 bytes) - INCORRECT LENGTH: 65536 bytes


Something duff my end or is this file bad?


Did you get yours here?

The ones I see in the BDA and the Mega update folder have the correct 32768 bytes rom.


edit: Seems like you have the bad_dump rom from Mame 0.229; it got changed in 0.230.

thanks, yet another dumbass moment.. I had 7z/zup combo in roms folder... one being ld and the other new...

Thanks anyway

20 years of MAME and still making dumb ass mistakes lol