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Places to get help getting MAME SL

First time I'm starting a forum. Hopefully I get this right. But anyways, reason I am posting this is to list places that I have found that one could go to get the ROMs missing on the SL of MAME. This site, the download section, it is good with finding missing ROMs and CHD files for the rest of MAME, but lacking in the SL department. That is where this come in. Found other places one could go to get those files. After days of looking up and down Google, found this site buried deep into Google I am about to share. Now, you do have to sign up for the site, but that is free, but considering the SL is at this time 2.31TBs in Mega, strongly recommend that you get Mega Premium. I'm sure you don't have to, but I have it, and took me nearly a month to download them all, so I don't want to think how long it would have taken me without it. One problem, for some reason they don't have Nintendo ROMs. That is where this second link comes in. Now, that is from the 0.202 update, so you would still be missing Nintendo ROMs still, but it is the most recent I could find on that, so better than nothing anyways. Now this is where the discussion come in. Figured, maybe this could be a Forum in which we could share if we find anything more as to where to go to get the missing ROMs from SL, and together, could make MAME all it could be, thank you.