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Old dog and still learning, few questions:

I remember when MAME started and running in DOS was very hard for me back in the day. I grew up running an Apple IIc. So understanding the PC world was tuff. Over the years I collected the MAME Roms and never really had issues. Id say back to .135?... The CHD files hit the scene and had to get them all, not understanding that they all do not run yet. Still back then, running MacMAME on my G5 Power PC Tower. Well fast forward to the past 2 years and a Window user now. I discovered the pleaseuredome site and started to redo everything. I was so happy things were working well. Prob with torrent usage, you have to seed. For a while Xfinity slowed my bandwidth down to the point I had to make a reset of my PC. If I started the seeds again, it just slowed and slowed never to give back. Adding a VPN helps but still seems slowed up. So now I am looking for other resources to stay on top of the MAME scene So far this site is great. Now for the questions I would like to be answered. 1: If I have an older ROM file from a few versions back, will it still work on the newest version of MAME? I don't have to re-download a full 63Gig of data? I just started using a ROM manager and learning it's ways. It has been running for 2 days fixing roms, not sure what that accomplishes, hopefully something good. 2: Love NeoGeo games, seems like my last update (0.202) my NeoGeo sets don't seem to be compatible. When starting in MAME I would get a compatibility error and then they will work. I downloaded another set that is current and will try with 0.218. Anything to change on this? 3: I just finished building my first arcade cabinet, retired PC from work, 2 players, Happs controls, 8 Button and 2 start selects, made my own graphics and wrapped the box in designs. I am running a DVI to HDMI converter and looking forward to running everything by next week. Still need a trackball + spinner... little out of my budget right now. Been using it on my TV with great success.

So last thing I am asking is there a procedure on each release I should do? Assuming, download update packs only? Just keep on top of things?

Using the ROM manager, will tell me (somehow) to fix or replace missing ROMS.

Oh, does anyone have a good way to use a analog control to work well with a joystick? Like a racing game/steering? (need that spinner...)

Any help is appreciated to this old guy here.... thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome here,

when I read your text, a few memories were awakened that are similar to yours.

I almost believe that MAME can never be final and will be beta forever. It is the most powerful project I know, which tries to emulate everything old. Why beta, because at the time a current version is released it may be that a previous ROM dump was probably a bad dump or has been revised by a current rip.

Using a Rom manager is the only way to keep your MAME collection consistent. You need this tool. For my part, I'm using RomVault and I'm happy with how it's going. It forgives some user errors.
If you look at the ClrMamePro (the look of this program is horrible in my eyes) it will be more difficult for the beginning.
But there are some who swear by ClrMamePro.Of course there are others, but I didn't look at them in detail.

I still remember exactly, at that time I had a MAME set that was complete and I was satisfied.
I think it was 0.152 no longer know exactly how big my version was with all Roms etc.
I guess it was about 650GB. Then I had downloaded version 0.193 and found with gray that I could scrap almost half of my collection because a lot had changed.
I was frustrated.

Then I found this page here and I have to say that I learned so much from some members and the hunt for the current version started.

Now that version 0.162 was released, MESS (emulated computers and consoles) and MAME grew together because the main core of both different emulators was
based on the same source code. This association is called "software list". You can always find the DAT files for this in the current emulator directory "hash".

To answer your 1st question:

This question cannot be generalized. It depends on whether the emulation from the current MAME version can handle it,
your ROM files are also complete and without errors (bad dump, missing files etc.).
You can also download the missing defective ROMS for MAME here without completely loading 63GB.
Your ROM manager will tell you which files are faulty.

Do this in the future: You have version 0.202, then you download the update pack to 0.203.
Use your ROM manager and have your archive checked again and repaired with the updatepack. You always make this the next larger version.
0.203 + updatepack 0.204 => 0.204
0.204 + updatepack 0.205 => 0.205 etc.
But finding all those update packs and applying them will be sometimes difficult.

To answer your 2nd question:

If your NeoGeo games match the MAME version 0.218 DAT file, they will run (your ROM manager will tell you).
You get a compatibility error with a faulty ROM. You don't need to change anything in MAME except that your ROM is OK.

To answer your 3rd question:

I think it's great with your arcade cabinet. I've always wanted to build one, but didn't have the time.
I can recommend you get a CRT monitor and then install it (so you don't need to emulate the nostalgia effect in MAME).

I hope I could help you a little, otherwise just ask if you didn't understand something.

Cheers, and happy gaming ;)

Thank you for the reply. A little late on my part, had a case of the flu.

Yes, my cabinet is completed and playing and still setting up other systems on the machine. I like using Launchbox and using the right emulator for each console. I started dabbing into Retroarch, its complicated.... Back to MAME, I like the Arcade64 mame Emu. Most of the time I am playing 80s games. Seems like a lot of strange games coming from independent developers from asia. A Lot of game I have never seen before. I am thinking i'll try to keep the updates rolling as they come.

As for my cabinet, I am using a HD older Sony TV flat sreen. It is mounted at eye view over the box. Its like a school desk design.

Rom manager is a bit confusing too. I watched the YT video on the use. Its slow.... long... yawn... Zzzzz......


Another question if anyone reads this, Why is Dragons Lair/Space Ace not emulated in MAME? I own the DVD and can play it in Daphne, just wish MAME had them.