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Nugen 0.4, 2 missing ROMS


I'm completing sets for older emulators, such as Nugen for Neo Geo. I've looked left and right and those 2 still eludes me despite having about 20 different versions of kof99nd across many full sets I have. Those 2 CRC point to only 1 link in Google and it's a dead end :


The King of Fighters 99(fully decrypted) [system: Neo-Geo - folder: kof99nd - size: 84mb]
missing rom: 251-p1d.bin [size: 1048576] [CRC32: 4169eaaf]
missing rom: 251-p2d.bin [size: 4194304] [CRC32: 21e1f9b9]


Fix DAT included. Can anyone help please?





I suspected this one would be a challenge, even for the mighty Retroroms community!

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