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New pinmame rom

Just looking for one set that only existed from April this year. It's called Mac Attack, can anyone help?



"cpu_ic13.rom",CRC(35cabad1) SHA1(01279df881b0d7d6586c1b8570b12bdc1fb9ff21)
"cpu_ic14.rom", CRC(6a4d7b89) SHA1(090e1a6c069cb6e5efd26a0260df613375f0b063)
"vid_ic17.rom", CRC(7494e44e) SHA1(c7c062508e81b9fd818f36f80d4a6da02c3bda40)
"snd_ic06.rom", CRC(4ab94d16) SHA1(4c3755489f699c751d664f420b9852ef16bb3aa6)
"snd_ic22.rom", CRC(9d3546c5) SHA1(cc6e91288692b927f7d046e192b1fd128c126d0d)
"snd_ic35.rom", CRC(52e9811c) SHA1(52223cf14a185b4dab14143d797000baf6d618cc)
"snd_ic36.rom", CRC(2e6b5822) SHA1(9e390e4b71cc103ec3d781575df484a3e4217b3b)

It seems to be available at a place called VP Universe, but it requires that you register, and wait for admin approval. After waiting all day, that approval never came, and their backup discord doesn't work either. So, is anyone able to help?


This one?

macattck.zip126.1K12 downloads

Yes, that appears to be it.


Thanks very much.  :)


 I've now cancelled my account at that other useless place.


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